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The few employees are provided by the doctors of the company

The few employees are provided by the doctors of the company 2


Berlin – The share of firms with the support of a medical doctor dropped from 40 percent in 2011 to 35 percent in 2015. This comes from the Federal Government's response to a small request to the left of the Bundestag. Accordingly, in 2011, 74 percent of employees were taken care of by a physician company – two years later (2015) it was still 72 percent.

The reason for this is the fact that the number of medical doctors remained virtually unchanged in the period from 2008 to 2017, and recorded just over two percent. According to the Federal Bureau of Statistics, the number of employees in the same period grew from just under 41 million to nearly 44 million (plus 8.4 percent). In addition, half of all GPs in Germany reached retirement age in 2017 and were 65 or older.

According to respondents, the share of employees in risk assessment companies in 2015 was 80 percent. Mental stress was taken into account for less than half of the employees. As figures continue to show, in about half of the companies (52 percent) in Germany, the risk assessment was carried out at all. The share remained constant in 2011 and 2015 at just under half. In only five companies (22 percent), risk assessment was carried out in 2015, taking into account psychological stress, it was said.

The fact that mental stress in the workplace often goes through the network when it comes to legally prescribed risk assessment has also recently revealed a Forsa survey commissioned by Dekra among some 300 medium-sized companies. Four out of ten companies (41 percent) said they were carrying out a risk assessment of mental stress on their employees. This is more than the survey from the company's 2015 survey.

Do newer numbers show increased awareness remains unclear. The German government does not want to start another research firm by 2020. Within the framework of the Common German Health and Safety Strategy (GDA), it was intended to establish the coverage of risk assessments, occupational safety specialists and business physicians.

Jutta Krellmann, a spokeswoman for the participation and work of the Left in the Bundestag, sees an issue ignored by the federal government. "The courage to the gap, which seems to be the scandalous motto of the federal government in the area of ​​occupational safety," she said. More workforce protection and stress control are needed. However, the federal government has already rejected the demand for anti-stress regulation in the second issue on the left. © can /