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The Lake House Clinic extends the offer

Specialist for Surgery and Orthopedics Dr. honey. Necla Kirac (m.) From Hamburg has presented a new collaboration together with the head of hospital Maria Theis and chief physician Dr. honey. Oscar-Michael Stachow before.

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With Seehausen – New Offer, Agaplesion Diakonie Hospital in Seehaus will extend its offer of medical services from August. First of all, every month, Necla Kirac offers a plastic-aesthetic-surgical private consultation in Wischestadt.

On Monday he is a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery in Hamburg, as well as for traumatology and orthopedics, together with the head of Seehäuser Hospital Maria Theis and Dr. Med. Oscar-Michael Stachow, Chief Medical Officer of General, Visceral and Traumatology, New Collaboration. Both sides emphasized the benefits of the now intensified partnership. Because you've known for two years now. Contact developed one through existing networks, including sister Hamburg Agaplesion. On one hand, the local hospital extends its service portfolio with a new plastic-aesthetic-surgical private consultation. On the other hand, the surgeon can use the contemporary spatial and technical equipment of the facility for its outpatient and stationary consultations and treatments.

Necla Kirac attaches great importance to the precise description of his consultations. She does not want to know her activity is reduced to pure cosmetic surgery. Treatments and interventions she considers medically or ethically unacceptable, she will not do. Instead, it emphasizes a holistic approach based on trust, which always includes an overall view of the patient. This is based not only on sports and nutrition knowledge. As an example, it calls the procedure for interventions to optimize the shape of the body. After major weight reductions, the weight should be maintained at least one year before the surgical procedure.

Basically, Dr. honey. Kirac has offered consultations, treatments and surgical interventions of private services funded by the patients themselves. However, in certain cases or in certain illnesses or accidents (burns) plastic-aesthetic interventions are also paid by health insurance companies. This must be checked and reported as an individual case.

For monthly consultations, the hospital administration and doctor agreed on during the third Thursday of the month from 16 to 19.30. With increasing demand and resonance time can be adjusted. Appointments are possible through Seehauser Hospital. The information page will soon be on the hospitals website (