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The Mary Jane Rooster Fair begins in Berlin

Arena in Treptow

The Mary Jane Rooster Fair begins in Berlin

Up to Sunday, 250 exhibitors will launch new cannabis-based products at the Treptow Arena. The hemp association is satisfied.

Hemp is increasingly being accepted in Berlin.

Hemp is increasingly being accepted in Berlin.

photo: Paul Zinken / dpa

Berlin. Before launching the largest German Mary Jane hemp fair in Berlin, the German Cannabis Cannabis Association has reached the center of society. "I expect legalization in the next few years," said Georg Wurth, managing director of the Berliner Morgenpost Thursday. Fairs like Mary Jane would help further increase acceptance as well as the use of cannabis as a medicine.

Only in April the Federal Bureau of Medicines and Medical Products allowed several companies to breed cannabis in the Federal Republic. With Aurora Germany, a company based in Berlin won the competition. Cannabis as a medicine supports a change in the way society looks at using hemp plants, explained Wurth. Especially seriously ill people would now have alternative treatment, emphasized the director of the association.

250 exhibitors show more than 30,000 products

Cannabis as a medical device plays only a minor role at Mary Jane's hemp fair, which begins on Friday. According to the organizers, the fair focuses on products containing the active ingredient of cannabidiol (CBD), such as oils, teas, foods or dog food. CBD based products, unlike THCs, do not change the mind, they are already soothing, they work against stress, anti-inflammatory and relieve stress. A total of 250 exhibitors at the Berlin Arena in Treptow show more than 30,000 creations.

With a total area of ​​13,000 square feet, Mary Jane, which has been holding since 2016, is the largest cannabis fair in Germany and the most important platform for this topic. At the same time with the fair, which runs until Sunday, a conference will be held with industry representatives.

"We are fully booked for months," said executive director Mary Jane Berlin Duc Anh Dang. "Growth compared to the previous year is huge with almost 25 percent in the exhibitor area," Dang continues. Dang, born in Erfurt, brought the idea for a fair from abroad to the US in Berlin. The first Mary Jane started in 2016 with only 80 exhibitors.

Thematic, cannabis has long been insufficiently represented in the German fair. The last public events were held in Berlin and Cologne for the hemp factory in 2004. After Mary Jane revived the theme in the German capital, the organizers moved to Dortmund and Munich. "Mary Jane is the leading ship in terms of size and diversity," said Georg Wurth of the German hemp production association.

For the first time, startups have the opportunity to present their ideas and business models to Mary Jane. Above all, 25 companies show products based on CBD. However, some of the young exhibitors are also active in so-called. Growing segment, showing planting systems that automatically control irrigation, light, temperature, fertilization and moisture. According to organizers, plants can be used for other crops, such as vegetables.

SPD-Landesverband Berlin for legalization of cannabis

Cannabis lobbyist Wurth wants to use Mary Jane for further promotion of cannabis legalization in Germany. Sunday will also be held with Bundestag members Kirsten Kappert-Gonther (Green), Niema Movassat (left) and Wieland Schinnenburg (FDP). Green, leftist and FDP have already voted for free access to cannabis in the past. The CDU is still refusing. SPD is still fighting for the position. Recently, four regional associations, including Berlin, conducted a campaign to decriminalize the hemp factory among social democrats.

Five to Sun, 11 am at the Arena in Treptow (Eichenstraße 4). 20 euro tickets. Younger than 18 years of age with a parent or guardian only.