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The new psychiatric department should meet the needs

Hospital St. John in Troisdorf will receive a new trilateral annex for psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatic medicine. It is intended to cover demand in the Rhine-Sieg district on the right bank of the Rhine.

GFO clinics respond to needs at the right bank of the Rhine and set up a new department for psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatic medicine. Psychosomatics at Marien Hospital in Bonn-Kessenich moved to Troisdorf. The caretaker wants to hire about 100 nurses.

Hospital St. John plans to build a new building in Troisdorf-Sieglar with a department for the treatment of mentally ill people. The facility from a number of GFO clinics with the new Department for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics wants to cover the needs at the right bank of the Rhein-Sieg.

"In North Rhine-Westphalia there is an increasing need for mentally ill people," Bertin Blömer, managing director, told reporters on Wednesday. This resulted in hospital planning in the legislative body, which now requires local, networked and patient-oriented care. The combination of psychiatric and psychosomatic medicine planned in Troisdorf does not exist in the district of the right bank of the Rhine, but the region is currently a unique place for one of the specialized areas.

"We want to combine both disciplines under one roof and we still point out special features," said Barbara Florange, chief physician for psychiatry and psychotherapy at the Gos Dinslaken hospital, who supports plans for the new department with his experiences.

EUR 16 million was provided by a freight carrier for a new three-story building. This should be done in the green area next to the main building. A new section with 40 stationary and 20 semi-stationary sites is foreseen. Apart from ambulances, intensive care units and daily clinics, it is necessary to provide hospital treatment in the patient's home environment. The soothing concept is designed to calm the problematic and tense patients. Care of the patient, including the family environment, should be avoided.

The Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy of Sankt-Marien Hospital in Bonn-Kessenich should move into a new building. "The Rechtsrheinische is located in the psychosomatic area, insufficiently stocked as the area of ​​the left bank with the cities of Bonn and Cologne," said Michael Langenbach, chief physician at Kessenich, which has existed since 1976. But it's just a stationary facility, so far an ambulance and a daily ambulance have disappeared. This should be changed with the move. "I hope that the left bank of the Rhine will benefit," Langenbach said.

For the psychosomatic field, 35 associates from Kessenich move to Troisdorf. About 100 psychiatric nurses will be employed in hospital care. How much staff needed in the ambulance is not yet safe. "We are looking for employees who want to develop and work together to build this area," says Florange. Planning should be heard by medical staff, nurses from the GFO hospital in Dinslaken with their planning experience.

Before construction is completed, new work should be started in open spaces. The start of construction is expected in the first quarter of 2020. However, joining the psychosomatic department from Kessenich will be held early in 2021.