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Why does not it necessarily look like a career?

Why does not it necessarily look like a career? 2

Tillmann Prüfer is a member of the editorial board of the magazine "ZEIT".

American researchers have found that puddles are good for a career. Those who suffer from acne in adolescence have a later life of 3.8 percentage points more likely to have a bachelor degree greater than someone with clean skin, said Erik T. Nesson and Hugo M. Mialonden in a scientific essay entitled "Do Pimples Pay? ".

Although the correlation between the acne and the condition of the account is statistically low, it is so strong that it can not be based on randomness. The results are somehow surprising, because so far it has been assumed that a pretty good career look helps.

For example, the Texas University of Texas assessment has shown that very attractive employees earn up to five percent more than their less affluent colleagues.

Allegedly it works psychologically so that people who are considered attractive are automatically perceived as competent in other areas. Fairy tales are fair and honest. Bad guys are always very ugly.

As a possible explanation of why the pimples continue to help their careers, young people are excluded from being socially excluded and therefore have more time to learn.

Because somehow you know that ugly does not seem unsuccessful. No one wants to play with an ugly boy and he wants to revenge on everyone who was so malicious to him. After all, it is difficult to imagine a German political leader or a great business leader who is truly a beauty, is not he?

It may be that beauty only helps if the judge is a superior. To get to the top, you may need deep inner motivation.

Especially if you want to become a politician. Then you have to go upstairs, so that no one else can find you. Then maybe you just need to strive for power and be prepared to give up everything that makes life more beautiful to other people.

I find it interesting in this context how many people would be defined as liberal and who would in principle refuse to judge people by their appearance on the Internet, unfounded upon the appearance of 26-year-old young politician CDU Philip Amthora.

Popular explanation of his career: As a child, he was a spectacular snake to whom others always took bread away. And he has so many other good-looking colleagues in the classroom that he now wants to get everything back.

Accordingly, the best cure for later conservative young politicians, even in school, would be nice for everyone, but also to let people play.

Of course, that would only make sense if the lack of attraction leads to more motivation for the career in this way. It could also be that increased professional ambition simply makes pimples.

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