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Why is carbohydrate consumption so important in diets?

We will tell you how you can lose weight with the new concept without starvation and without it. Benjamin Oltmann has managed to lose 30 pounds in his five-month concept. How it works with Benny's concept, we discover here …

30-year-old Benjamin Oltmann from Lüneburg weighed 120 kilograms. No, not like a bodybuilder. It was a pure fat. He felt bad in his body and then tried to lose weight as fast and efficiently as possible. However, without starvation and torture with it. It is not for everyone to give up something, so it has to deal with the question of how much carbohydrate people should and should consume to lose weight. He successfully applied that knowledge and lost 30 pounds for only five months. He even made part of his concept of success available for free.

Obesity has been a big problem for years. At that time, it was more of a cliché problem for Americans, but studies and reports showed that this problem would continue in Germany and in the future. It is even better, of course, that there are people like Benjamin Oltmanna who are particularly concerned about the subject and who develop a new concept with new and fresh ideas.

These simple tricks will help you lose weight

On her blog "Weight Loss and Weight Loss Tips", the author announces new tips, weight loss tips and tricks and carbohydrate recipes. The purpose of his diet is to look at how much carbohydrate consumes. Blog deals with basic issues: What is allowed in low-carb dieters on a weekly schedule? Tips are surprising for nutrition.

For breakfast it is allowed to eat anything that seems to you. He only recommends not to eat more than 300g. Here, the attention of carbohydrates is not important. At lunch, Benjamin Oltmann advises you to take up to 30g of carbohydrates and again, the meal should not be weaker than 300g. Dinner should also be about 300g and about 30g of carbohydrates. There are numerous dishes or ketogenic dinner recipes on your blog – for breakfast and lunch, his book is recommended.

Small meals with great effect

Incredible but true: psychological tricks play an important part in weight loss. There is already a small plate with a small eating utensil that you eat slower than usual and you will be full.

It is also recommended that you drink about 0.3 to 0.5 liters of water for about 30 to 30 minutes before the meal. This already fills the stomach. Of course, fluid intake is key to nutrition. Be sure to take two to three liters a day, as the body burns up to 100 calories per liter.

At the end of the day you should be on food with lots of carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes, fruit, pasta and of course desserts and sweets. These foods should generally be consumed only in moderate amounts.

Is Carbohydrate Disappearance Needed?

What happens in the body when carbohydrates are injected? What happens to the body when there are too many carbohydrates? Carbohydrates are short-chain sugar molecules. This can cause a desire for food. What is the shorter the shorter, the faster the energy contained in the body. Fructose (from fruit) or glucose (eg Industrial Sugar) are immediately converted into energy and directly into the bloodstream. Blood sugar levels rise and insulin hormones develop.

The body needs insulin to provide sugar transport. As soon as the body is completed by the transport process, the level of sugar in the blood splashes and suddenly feel like sugar or candy.

Slimming recipes or the entire diet plan Oltmanna therefore contain only low-sugar foods. This will reduce the production of glycogen in the liver.

Glycogen is a storage of energy in the body. If enough glycogen is produced then the absorbed energy behind it is stored as a fatty pillow in the body. This is an effect to be avoided in dieting. Therefore, it is considered that glycogen storage is not met – this is achieved by reduced sugar intake.

Culinary Recipes for Weight Loss Without Hunger

If you are looking for culinary recipes or carbohydrate foods, you will surely find something in the author's blog or of course in his chef. The fear of boredom is completely unfounded. In the past, Low Carb was actually very limited and was not very varied. Today, there is also a great variety of meals for your daily schedule.

It's really quick and simple for his low-carb chicken or delicious carbohydrate salad recipe. Carbohydrate supplements can also be on the agenda, such as low-intake carbohydrate fats – they are healthy, and even a beginner can do it fast. All dishes are warm and cold edible and all have low calories.

Oltmann even made video for each of their recipes and combined them with step-by-step instructions, making cooking easier. There is something for every taste, even without cooking you can make very simple dishes – a variety of nutrition with an emphasis on the "protein kingdom" is definitely possible.

Even with desserts it may be slim. Of course you do not have to do that if you try this concept. Whether carrots are low carbohydrates, low carbohydrate carbs, low carbohydrates or something else.

Why Are Low Carbohydrate Recipes So Popular?

Low carbohydrates are not the only form of diet that can help you lose weight. However, this is one of the simplest and most effective forms. This is mainly because there is almost no misunderstanding. It is very easy to explain what carbohydrates and what foods are coming from.

In addition, calories need not be counted. This could be one of the main reasons why people fail to eat. Initially it is very tedious, and not all foods or dishes are registered in the database of applications for help.

The concept of Oltmanna as a book

Since his circle of friends and society in general is less informed about weight loss, Benjamin Oltmann has decided to bring his book-to-success formula to the market. His book "Low Carb" quickly became a bestseller. The book is available as an e-book as well as hardback. It contains 100 recipes, a daily plan with vegetarian alternatives and many tips and tricks. Because that's not all, there is even a list of carbohydrate foods and help in applying its shift-shift concept and more.

If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it even within 14 days. In addition, it's worthwhile to look at his blog, as there are regular recipes, shopping lists and alternatives.

Those who are considered customers also have lifelong access to an exclusive Facebook community with more than 270,000 members. Oltmann personally supports his clients in their diet. There are even five separate or individual packages – with vegan additions.