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6 things you should not do for your vagina during the summer

Special conditions for intimate care in summer

Intimate Care in Summer ≠ Intimate Care in Winter! In the hot months our bodies have different demands than in the cold period. While the skin is completely under stress due to UV rays, sunscreen creams and mosquito sticks, even the vagina is not a big friend of excessive heat and other summer problems. We discovered what the crust could do in the summer.

# 1: Wear your precious clothes

Our genital area never likes when we wear tight clothes below. But especially in the summer, heat is accumulated when there is not enough air. Since heat in the genital area is often accompanied by moisture, the vagina is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.

So, you should wear lighter clothing than natural materials such as cotton or wool. They can remove moisture better than synthetic substances. This also applies to the pants and pants!

# 2: Do not change wet bikini panties

Summer time is the time of swimming! Whether at a lake or in an outdoor pool (or for a happy vacation in the sea), when the temperature rises, we all turn into water rats. But as warmer as the sun and as fast as you think the bottom of the bikini is dry again – the vagina does not feel good if you start wet panties after bathing. On the one hand, moisture – as mentioned in the first point – is particularly attractive for germs, and on the other hand, it draws bacteria from the water. And especially the pool water is full of pathogens!

Video: This means different vaginal odors

6 things you should not do for your vagina during the summer 2

Is the vagina healthy? In many cases, this can be recognized by the scent. What different smells mean, we show in the video.

# 3: Use razor blades for as long as usual

If you change the razor blades * at approximately the same intervals as in the winter, think about it better. Since we usually get older in the summer more often than in winter, the blades are faster. In addition, greater heat and moisture in the bathroom ensure better germination on the razor. They enter the body through the mucous membranes or small injuries. So change it more often – and it is best not to keep it in the shower, but in a dry place.

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# 4: Sex in the water

It sounds romantic: getting closer to a loved one in the water – and then secretly pushing the panties in the lonely bay and leaving it to work. But in sex in water, bacteria and other pathogens can get into the vagina as well as the urethra. And vaginal fungal infections or bladder infections are not a very pleasant reminder of the hot Aqua Quickie …

Video: Sex in the water gets very hot

6 things you should not do for your vagina during the summer 3

Well, sometimes you take the risk of buying it. Especially with our video tips!

# 5: Have tampons there after swimming

Tall in tampons – because with them during the period on the road a bath was opened. However, replace the swab immediately after bathing. This is bullshit not only full of blood, but water – and it's pretty infected with cheeks, but has been mentioned several times!

# 6: Forgotten (Intimate) Care Care Products

As far as the vagina is concerned, it is far less definite. At least in terms of care. The female sex organ has an incredible power of self-cleaning and does not need much. However, only who is sensitive below, should not use only a regular shower gel, but put the product with the appropriate pH. Particularly special intimate lotions are particularly suitable for washing. * They are odorless and preservative and have a mild acidic pH of 4.0 – it suits healthy vaginal flora.

But especially on vacation, many leave the usual home care products to reduce their luggage. Small shampoo bottles and shower gel at the hotel do not necessarily contain the highest quality products. So fill some ordinary lotion for cleaning and take it with you! *

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