A breeze in Breisgau 2

A breeze in Breisgau

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When 6: 1 from the German U21 at the European Championship against Serbia, Luca Waldschmidt shook 60 million Luke Jovic's men. Confidence he won in the Bundesliga season with coach Christian Streich in Freiburg.

Now he is already trading in Rome in Lazio: Luca Waldschmidt from SC Freiburg. Photo: Getty Images

Now he is already trading in Rome in Lazio: Luca Waldschmidt from SC Freiburg.

Photo: Getty Images

Stuttgart – That evening, little Luca once stole a show for the Great Chapter. Relatively unknown Luca Waldschmidt scored three goals at 6: 1 in German U21 at the European Championships against Serbia and celebrated her achievements. Based on the "Bierkapitän" by Markus Becker and Richard Bier, he together with Sturmpartner Marcom Richter delighted with a gesture and a thoughtful hat, drawn to one another. Star Luka Jovic, who moved to Real Madrid this summer with a minimum fee of 60m euros, was replaced after 69 minutes. "It was a great team performance." We started at the top. And if you're doing it then it's fun for everyone, "said Waldschmidt, who now has four goals in this European Championship.

The Bundesliga starts at Eintracht

Eintracht Frankfurt is a common connection between Luke and Luke. Luka Jović succeeded in reaching Eintracht to the international top man and now moves to the Spanish prestige club. Luca Waldschmidt was in Eintracht Frankfurt at age 17 for the first time in the Bundesliga team. He was not allowed to play. Among coaches Thomas Schaaf, Armin Veh and Niko Kovac could not overcome Riederwalda. Although he finished four years later in Bundesliga. But, from the very beginning, it has been part of his nine missions so far: it came in 89 minutes.

Forget HSV

That was his last moment in Hamburger SV. For the Waldschmidt season 2017/18 it was a forgotten season. "We always played against the fall, which did not ease it," he explained. Dino sneaked. Home Siegener lost place in U21. He moved to SC Freiburg. Already in winter he wanted to go there. "The Sports Club is a good address for young players. I would like to make the most of this environment and make the next athletic step," said Waldschmidt, whose father Wolfgang previously played for Darmstadt 98 in the second league.

Reopening in Freiburg

Reopening in Breisgau has been successful. And how! Thirty times the high left leg was used by Christian Streich coach, mostly as the top hang. On average it was in the field for almost an hour – almost twice as often as in two years in HSV. Waldschmidt has returned his trust. Among other things, with nine goals and four assists.

The label of the eternal talent, the attacking man who hit the U-teams of DFB often with Team Werner, at least filed. Because of the confidence gained in Freiburg, he became the leading player in U21 coach Stefan Kuntz.

Variability as a force

It does not fill the position of Storm Center with the physical strength of the European victory of Davie Selke for 2017. Ninth in the 4-3-3 training system of the Kunza coach is 1.81 meters high and relatively gentle Waldschmidt. Where is the number of dozens. The number is also on his back. Sometimes he plays in the lead, sometimes returns to the line, takes part in a combination game and defends himself so skillfully against his opponents. No German goal has fallen to the side and to the head, they all played after a combination or win of the ball. This variability is now the strength of the German team, which this Sunday (21 hours / ZDF live) against Austria was the point to win the group.

Sunday against Austria

Waldschmidt's class has since passed. In "Gazzetta dello Sport", the man who preached to Antoine Griezman was associated with Lazio Rome under the title "il bombarder". Sometimes it's fast in business. Luka Jovic would definitely confirm Lucu Waldschmidt.