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Poison on our plates?

talk show

  • Saturday 22.6.
  • 02:20 – 03:30
  • (Repeat 21.06.2019.)

Two initiatives want less pesticides in our food. The Drinking Water Initiative wants to allow direct payments to farmers only if they do not work without pesticides during work. At the same time, initiators want to prohibit the preventive use of antibiotics and ensure that less fertilizers are produced and distributed in the fields.
Initiators of the so-called pesticide initiative, however, want to ban all synthetic pesticides in Switzerland. At the same time, the import of food processed with synthetic pesticides is forbidden.
The National Council this week discusses both initiatives – and rejected it without any countermeasures. Did most SVPs, FDPs and CVPs in the National Council erroneously assess the extent of pesticide problems in Switzerland? Will urgent, more stringent rules be needed in dealing with pesticides, as required by the Left and the GLP? Or would it just make our food more expensive? Is our food and our drinking water poisoned? Or do farmers already earn more than enough, and pesticides are needed to continue food production in Switzerland?
Sandro Brotz welcomes these questions in the "Arena":
– Maya Graf, National Advisor Grüne / BL, organic farmer
– Markus Ritter, President of Bauernverband, CVP / SG National Council
– Tiana Angelina Moser, GLP Group Leader and GLP / ZH National Advisor
– Marcel Dettling, Nationalrat SVP / SZ, Bauernvereinigung Kanton SZ

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guests: Maya Graf, Tiana Angelina Moser, Marcel Dettling, Markus Ritter

moderator: Sandro Brotz