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Best Tips for a Good Dream

Sleep disorders can have many causes.

Good and above all enough sleep is necessary for our well-being.

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June 21, 2019

Classic sleeping aids are not always the best solution for insomnia. On June 21, 2019, pharmacists from Bavaria provided useful tips for a better night's sleep on the "Day of Peaceful Action Day".


In sleep disorders, many want to repair quickly and can therefore prescribe synthetic sleeping pills from a doctor, so-called. Benzodiazepines. However, this is not the best and, above all, no lasting solution: "Chemical sleeping pills carry high potential for addiction and, for example, can limit the ability to drive," warns Dr. Apotheker. honey. Volker Schmitt, Spokesperson of the Bavarian State Pharmacy Chamber (BLAK). "So we advise pharmacists to take these sleeping aids – if at all – just a short time."

According to Schmitt, the causes of sleep disorders include stress, mental problems, pain and medications, as well as poor sleep conditions such as a fake mattress, glow or loud snoring partner. So it might be worth investing in a good mattress and dark curtains. Protective eyeglasses and / or ears are also helpful in overheating and noise. There are other sleeping factors that can be much easier to influence: too much alcohol or a lot of sports in the evening, too much food and blue light from a screen like a TV or smartphone.

An alternative to chemically synthesized sleeping pills is high valerian dose preparation for lighter sleep disorders. They do not make you addictive and soothing. Their full effect, however, only develops when you take them for a long time. It is often also useful to cook herbal tea with soothing medicinal plants such as lavender, honey, and mother-of-pearl. The pharmacy can assemble soothing teas according to the personal taste of the patient. However, in case of prolonged sleep disorders, the pharmacist Schmitz advises you to consult a physician to clarify possible causes.

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