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Charlotte Roche and Martin Keß perform public therapy for couples

Taboo themes are just her thing. And that's exactly what Charlotte Roche, 41, wants to talk about in her new podcast, "Paediologie". It should be about finances, household and listening, but also about relationships in general, long relationships, sex in long relationships, and sex out of touch, jealousy and cheating. And that's what Charlotte Roche talks to anyone else than my own husband, Martin Keß.

Charlotte Roche and Martin Keß perform public therapy for couples

In "swamps" and "prayers in the lap" Charlotte Roche wrote about the most intimate details, but her podcast "Paediologie" should be more explosive as the 41-year-old talks about her own life, her husband and her needs and the time where these two factors are not necessarily consistent. Because: Charlotte Roche has already cheated Martin Keß.

This was said in an interview with RTL by the author and author of the book. At first she did not want to end her affair. Only when the entrepreneur threatened her, she made the decision. "If you can not stop it, then I have to leave you – although I love you!" Keß put it in front of the election. And Charlotte decided. For her husband. What makes other representatives of his sex, but nothing less exciting.

Charlotte wants an open relationship

The objective of the podcast? Open relationship. For themselves and their listeners. "One of my goals in the podcast is to end up with a legitimate open relationship. […] When I finally got out of the open relationship, then I ran out of joy. I wonder how my husband will accept it, "she told" Hannoversche Allgemeine ".

As Martin Keß records, that remains to be seen. You can listen to the couple every Friday in the new episode "Paediologie".

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