Cosmo Pharmaceuticals Announces Publication of Aemcolo ™ Treatment Review ... 2

Cosmo Pharmaceuticals Announces Publication of Aemcolo ™ Treatment Review …

Dublin – June 21, 2019 – Cosmo Pharmaceuticals N.V. (SEST: COPN), the leading specialist pharmaceutical company in the field of selected gastrointestinal diseases and endoscopy, today announced the publication of a review of Aemcolo ™, a broad spectrum of oral widespread antibiotics in clinical trials of drugs that demonstrates its safety, efficacy and benefits compared to other healing treatments .

The study concludes that Aemcolo ™ is an effective and well-tolerated treatment for diarrhea of ​​non-dental travelers (TD) due to Cosm's patented MMX® technology, which supplies the drug directly to the colon and reduces its systemic absorption. An adult represents.

"This report highlights the efficacy and safety of Aemcolo ™ in non-dysentery diarrhea as well as its potential benefits compared to other treatments and is timely, in particular with the recent ban on quinolone antibiotics for this indication by the EU and US regulators of Aemcolo ™, which opens up wider market opportunities, we are now focusing on expanding the benefits of this product beyond the currently approved indications, "said Luigi Moro, chief scientist at Cosmo Pharmaceuticals.

Specifically, the study emphasized that adult patients had shorter diarrhea diastolic dysfunction in two studies of the third stage of treatment of Aemcolo ™. In addition, patients treated with ciprofloxacin showed a significant increase in the colonization rate of Escherichia coli bacteria that produces an extended spectrum of β-lactamase (ESBL), whereas patients treated with Aemcolo ™ are not. ESBLs are enzymes that provide resistance to most beta-lactam antibiotics, including penicillin, cephalosporin and aztreonam monobactam. This property of Aemcolo ™ is an important advantage given the global concern over the development of drug-resistant bacteria that cause infections that are difficult to cure.

Using Cosm's MMX Technology on rifamycin SV to produce Aemcolo ™ allows direct delivery of antibiotics to the colon, thus avoiding unwanted effects on a useful bacterial flora in the upper gastrointestinal tract. Specific dissolution profile The Aemcolo ™ tablet is also intended for increasing antibiotic colonization, which results in optimized concentrations of the intestine and avoids systemic absorption in the small intestine.

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Cosmo is a specialized pharmaceutical company focused on the treatment of selected gastrointestinal diseases and endoscopy support. The company that deals with its own clinical development is specifically focused on innovative IBD therapies, colon infection, and colon cancer detection. Cosmo has also developed medical devices for endoscopy and has recently joined the Medtronic partnership for the distribution of a new artificial intelligence device around the globe that will be used in colonoscopy and GI procedures. In addition, Cosmo is an American licensed for a new remedy for procedural sedation, remimazolam. For more information on Cosmo and products, visit the company website at

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