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Damage Massage – gentle preparation for giving birth

During childbirth, when the baby's head is pushed outward through the high pressure hose, the child becomes The bar is maximum stretched, Seldom comes this tissue, which lies between the anus and the vagina, to sore tears, so-called. the tear of the fingersIn some cases, the physician in the delivery room must even help the scalpel to increase the end of the genitalia, while others episiotomies to make. Though cracks and cuts in time cure, they are painful and maybe even avoid it.

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Good, natural oil makes the dam dam preparation for the birth very comfortable.

Damage Massage: When do you need to do this?

You can do something yourself in preparation. Babice recommends tea from raspberry leaves for birth preparation as well as dam massage. You can from the 34th week or about nine weeks before the calculated date of birth start with a gentle massage to expand the tissue and adjust the delivery. It relaxes the area, makes it better and softens. And although the massage of the embankment does not guarantee that it will not break, the dam will be able to survive as much as possible with the maximum stretching.

Damage Massage: What is the right oil and what else do you need to know in preparation?

Get out of the massage small ritualwhere you need to take time for yourself. You can massage the embankment sitting. However, many pregnant women prefer to stand as long as they are lift one leg, for example on the edge of the bathtub. Massage lasts about ten minutes, It should, if possible regularly every other day, if you like once a day.

Make sure that you clean your fingers and have no nails with sharp edges Dangers of infection and injury excluded. using a nice, natural oilfor example jojoba oil, rose oil or almond oil. It nourishes the skin and makes the tissue beautiful. Oil of oak grass or sage oil also proved to be effective because they also have a relaxing effect that stimulates the circulation.

Damage Massage: Guide

Now you are well prepared, then you can start already.

  • Sit or stand in one for yourself comfortable position.
  • take a few drops of oil and rub them with their fingers.
  • Take yours Palac u vagini one, the fingers point to the anus.
  • A finger to point and if you like a middle finger massage from the outside the fabric of dams in small circular movements.
  • Stay with it gently and do not too much of a shaky movementbecause you should relax while you are doing it.
  • Also i Inner wall of the lower vagina are lightly weighted with circular movements with the inner thumb.
  • now stretch your vagina according to the song. It can be uncomfortable.
  • Breathe and hold the position short in the strain of pain, then release the tension.
  • repeat stretching three to four times.

You will see: You will be stretched over time always easier still possible and the pain is reduced.

Embankment massage: with a partner alone or yourself?

Many pregnant women prefer to be self-sufficient when performing perineal massage. Some, however, want to do this with their partner, as well as they do lots of closeness and intimacy bringing. Decide on personal preferences, depending on how you can relax. You can not do anything wrong.

Damage Massage: When Should not You Do It?

Damage massage is one sure methodto extend the dam. It can always be done at the end of pregnancy. There are only a few exceptions: if you have it Infection in the vagina For example, if you have a vaginal fungus, it is first necessary without a perineum massage so that the fungi can not be manually placed in the vagina. Treat only vaginal fungi, then you can carelessly massage.

Even if you have a preference premature work you should not start the dam massage early. Do not start here before the 36th week, so you do not start undesirable contraction.

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