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Drinking glass of celery juice every morning is healthier than a baby

Everyone who wants to do something for their beauty, ie to purge a cleaner skin or narrow silhouette, needs first of all discipline and perseverance. Because the changes are not happening now. And because most of the beautiful tricks require the will to do it. For example: If a free day with a capsule but with a glass of celery juice begins Why consistency is worth it, and the beauty treatment with celery juice is worth it, will be explained below.

Celer: Superhero with tradition

The effects of celery are appreciated and used in Asian treatment methods such as traditional Chinese medicine or Ayurveda for centuries, for example, for lowering blood pressure or improving digestion. Modern nutritionists and practitioners in alternative medicine also confirm that celery juice treatment has positive effects at different levels, with the exception of organic benefits, improves the appearance of the skin and acts on the aging process.

Celer brings healing effects to tubers and perennials and is processed raw and coated. Specifically, Stangenselleries fiber rich fiber contains high levels of vitamin C, vitamin E, various vitamin B, iron and potassium phytosterols such as chlorophyll, phenolic acid, flavonoids and phytosterols, which act as valuable antioxidants and because of its anti-inflammatory effect it greatly protects and rebuilds the cells. In addition, celery is considered effective detoxification food because it stimulates metabolism and detoxification, toxins and debris from bodies that are flooded, dehydrated and cleansed.

Beauty Diet: This is how celery juice works

Those who regularly eat raw celery or drink freshly prepared celery juice will do good things to their bodies in different ways. For the success of juice treatment it is crucially important to prepare juice of fresh celery stems and drink in the morning on an empty stomach – for several weeks.

Anti-aging with celery juice

Due to better detoxification, celery ensures long-term cleaner skin appearance with less impurities and refined pores; Acute inflammation, acne, and pimple are noticeably faster to heal. In addition, juice is perfect against aging for pigmentation or wrinkles. The face weight looks brighter and younger, the contours are tense.

Slimming with celery juice

Celery juice improves cellular metabolism, has the effect of detoxification and drainage, which has a positive effect on the connective tissue. The skin is toned and smoothed, cellulite and orange juice softened. In addition, the stored water is flushed out of the body, making silhouette silky and young and accelerating the eating success. Also, because celery juice is a natural appetite suppressant, it helps to lose weight.

Celery juice makes you healthy

Celery juice is traditionally used to relieve gastrointestinal problems and improve digestion. In addition, daily drinking of juice adjusts circulation disorders and lowers blood pressure, improves rheumatic symptoms and increases vitality. It also boosts the immune system at the same time.

So prepare the celery juice

To make the concentration of vital substances as complete as possible, celery juice should be freshly prepared daily. To do this, thoroughly wash the celery stalks and remove the stems and dark green leaves for a lighter taste, then add a lump into a juicer or a slow juicer. Alternatively, cut the bars into pieces, fill with a mixer and then rinse the celery juice over the fabric. In the morning, have a glass of celery juice on an empty stomach, then wait for about 15 minutes with breakfast. The juices can be stored in the glass pan in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.

Advice: In order to adjust the body to the morning cup of celery juice and prevent intolerance, at the beginning of the juice treatment, drink less portion and then increase. Acute disorders such as digestive problems or pimps may initially be exacerbated due to the metabolic and detoxication processes that the juice of juice spur, but will show significant improvement from day to day.