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"Even with 40 degrees of Fieber, I stood on the stage"

Beatrice Egli, today you will be 31. Today will be released its new album "Natürlich!". How do you celebrate your sixth CD and your cradle?

With lots of hype, autograph sessions and photo opportunities. I'm looking forward to that.

Would not you rather be released?

Not. For me, it is a gift that again I have the energy and my passion for music can fully live. That fulfilled my greatest wish.

At the end of last year you were exhausted and you had to rest. Did you overestimate your power?

I love my job, enter it. So I obviously wanted too much and forgot to pay attention to myself. In November, I got sick of flu. Even with 40 degrees of Fieber, I was standing on the stage. No wonder, my body said at one point: Stop!

Why did not you first pay tribute to peace?

Because I did not want to break the tour. That's something special. Because I'm presenting the show for two and a half hours, in which I'm fully involved from the beginning to the show. I could not give up. As soon as I was on the stage, flu and tiredness faded in the back as if I received an injection. At the end of the tour in December, however, I was completely broken.

"Sometimes she took a dagger, and I ripped like a balloon, all emotions came out of me."

To recover, you flew to Australia before Christmas, where you traveled two and a half months all over the country. What did you mean by timmer?

I got the distance, I did not feel permanently caught in the whirlpool, I was allowed to turn off. I felt like I needed music, but I needed to change something urgently.

Do I really?

I'll be back for at least a week of vacation and a free day a week. Monday I do not work, I do not read mail, I do not give interviews, I do not answer calls and do not drive to any place. In Australia, I found the balance, your environment.

What does that mean in particular?

I became more mature, I learned to stand by myself, accept that I also have my own bad stages. Although I did not conceal my negative feelings, I did not talk about them. Then somehow he took a dagger somewhere, and I was scattered like a balloon, all the emotions came out of me. I could scream, cry, mess. Today I say, when I do not feel good. As a result, my burden falls, and I'm going to things quietly.

"I could imagine migrating to Australia in the fall of my life."

Do you also show up in public when you are not in shape?

That. And it works.

On what way?

At the airport I heard one stranger say I was happier on the stage yesterday. At that time I almost told you that I did not come in a good mood. Meanwhile, I dare say in similar situations: "I've only slept for two hours and I'm tired. Probably not better." And suddenly people show understanding for me.

They became more open, more direct. Is there a spark of truth in all songs on the "Natürlich!" CD?

It's my first album, 100% autobiographical, yes.

In "Terra Australia" you sing: "I'll stay there forever". How serious are you in this line?

I'm currently looking for a home in Europe. I'll always have a base in my hometown of Pfäffikon, Schwyz. In addition, I find it attractive to live in Norway, Germany or Italy. I have to find out where I belong in the near future. I can imagine emigrating to Australia in the fall of my life.

"I was looking for what keeps me together": Beatrice Egli in her new song "Terra Australia". Video: Youtube

What did you particularly like in this country?

Sun! And the change: Melbourne reminded me of its vineyards in France, Brisbane was wild with its crocodiles, and in the interior I approached the cultures of Aborigine, the indigenous. Only kangaroos and koal bears saw less than expected. I thought I would encounter them like the chamois and the umbilicus in the mountains. But I was wrong.

How did you travel through Australia?

I spent the first three weeks with a friendly Swiss couple and two children in luxurious campers. I wanted to be in the company during Christmas and New Year. But then I entered my car and drove, as I liked, before recording a new album with my producer in the beach house for the past three weeks.

Have you had any experience with poisonous animals?

One morning I wanted to get out of my tent, but there was a snake in front of him. I was really scared.

"One night, the giant spider echoed."

How did you react?

I closed the zipper and waited for an hour. When I looked again, the snake disappeared. From that moment on, I decided to sleep in the car. But a giant crab spider, the so-called Huntsman spider, got into one night. Luckily, it's not poisonous, and I managed to let it go in the nature of two cups.

Have you stayed without accidents and breaks while traveling?

Almost. I once stayed without gas because I missed the gas station, and the distances are far ahead of ours in Switzerland. Fortunately, the Australian, obviously accustomed to it, thought tourists like me were not well prepared. He gave me a gas tank, which I always had a good fill.

"I think it's exciting to see how the pair breaks. The main thing, I'm not verkuppelt.

For the first time on June 16, "Schlager sucht Liebe" was broadcast on RTL. In this, pop singers are hoping they will have ties. Why do you run a show with a dome?

I'm a fan of such formats. I also like to watch "Farmer, Single, Looking …" or something similar. I find it exciting to see how bright or steamy it is. The main thing, I did not even have a verpuppelt.

You recently said that in Australia you realized that you were born to life two.

That's right. For a while I could not even imagine being angry. Meanwhile, I'd be ready for a link. Only: I can not force them, only openly go through life.

"Rock Mis Härz" is your first song in Swiss German. And the invitation to the men's world?

I'm happy to be able to record a song on my dialect and my German fans. And yes, I want somebody to catch my heart soon.

"Of course!" It's the sixth studio album, Beatrice Egli. It will be announced today, June 21st.

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