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From Professionals: The Best Tips for Makeup for the Beach

If you do not want to do without make-up and Co Beach, you should take these professional tips for a great beach look

The brilliant eyebrows, liquid mascara and red cheeks are a thing of the past with professional advice from the makeup artist Alix Taylor and Megan Lanoux. A nice look despite the sun and the beach is not that difficult, because you need to pay attention only to these things:

1. Never give up sunscreens

Sunburn is absolutely essential. Unfortunately, this does not include makeup and daily creams with SPF. Use a suitable face cream before applying makeup. It only offers optimal protection against UV radiation. Of course, you can also use moisturizing cream or make-up with a sun protection factor, but before using it, apply the right sunscreen. And if you are already cremating a face, you can also apply cream on your neck and neckline.

Sun skin aging up to 90 percent faster, and wrinkles are the result. Ideally, you should use a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30. If you spend all day in the sun and on the beach, it's important to renew your protection every 90-120 minutes, says make-up artist Alix Tayler.

2. Keep away from powdered products

If you are on the beach and in the sun all day, you should opt for the current make-up. Powdered products are easily deposited in pores, and the heat of the sun opens the pores and can be easily clogged, Tayler says. Cream, gel or liquid-based products are therefore the best place to visit on the beach because you can carry them over and over again without looking like a mask.

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3. Use waterproof products

Whether it's eyebrows, lashes or make-ups: Ideally, always take waterproof products when visiting the beach. They are applied as fast as normal but last much longer and robust. So you can dive, sweat and cream your face, without fear of something blurry.

Use lipbalm

You can do this without sticky gloss for the lips on the beach. Get better for a nutritious variant. Dull Lipbalm with integrated SPF looks great and lips, so is the make-up artist Megan Lanoux.

5. Knock in instead of rubbing

If you want to renew your makeup, pay attention to the following: The liquid product should be drained at best. Rubbing just blurs everything and looks unattractive. According to Tayler, a slight blow to the fingers is the best option.

(Author: Isabella Höcherl)