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Here she shows her new: Beautiful Queen of the Jungle now loves the fitness model

Cologne –

Jenny Frankhauser shines and everyone should know who is responsible!

Jenny Frankhauser suffered from lipoedema

Despite the shock of lipoedema diagnosis (learn more about Jenny Frankhauser's disease here) and the growing pain, the queen of the jungle hovers in the cloud nine to 2018.

Younger sister Daniele Katzenberger is in love with her. On Instagram she shows her new!

Jenny Frankhauser: That's her new friend Hakan Akbulut

Hakan Akbulut (28) is a fitness model from the Netherlands. "My lava," Jenny calls it gently. That's the answer, because the 26-year-old bravely fights her illness and does not want to be beaten.


Just in love: Jenny Frankhauser and Hakan Akbulut.

But how did she meet a new man in her life? "Suddenly I suggested it to Instagram, I immediately found it and wrote it to him," Jenny says in conversation with us.

"Being a personal trainer, I asked for help because I did not lose weight, no matter what I did." I thought I would certainly help. But now I know I can not lose weight because of my illness. Still, it has something positive. Although I have no success in losing weight, but now in luck.

That's what Jenny Frankhauser loves best in his new boyfriend Hakan Akbulu

He also challenged him directly at the first meeting a few months ago in Dusseldorf. In Hakanu Jenny feels: "I feel beautiful. He loves me as imperfect as I do.

By the way, Jenna's mother Iris and her stepfather had already met Hakan. At Instagram, a couple of nights with the Jenny Family published video karaoke evenings. It looks very familiar.

Jenny and Hakan want to fully enjoy their young happiness. He also made plans for shcon: "We want to go on holiday together, make a boat trip to Holland and also to Mallorca for Mom," explains Jenny.

So Jenny Frankhauser describes his dream man

Obviously, Hakan brings all that Jenny's "Mr. Right" so needs. "He should be just under 35 – and impress me." This is especially true when I find that men are funny, "the former jungle queen told us a few months ago. At that time, he still mourned for his years of "sad individual life". This is happily (for now) is over.