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How to protect your skin in the summer

Our soul rejoices in the summer sun and warmth. However, this often means enough stress for our skin. Why is it so and how you can prevent it.



From 21.06.2019, 3:28 pm

Summer, sun, holidays – many look forward to the recovery from everyday worries and stress at work these days. Nature and the beach cause openness, risks and side effects are often suppressed. Above all, the skin needs protection in the summer. What does sun look like with skin? Harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays contained in sunlight are largely kept away from the ozone layer surrounding the earth. What still comes in people stimulates pigmented cells in the epidermis to form a brown color. It is a natural mechanism of protection. But if there is too much sunlight on the skin, there is an inflammatory reaction: Certain mouthwashes cause skin redness, swelling, itching and scratching. There is a sunburn. Finally, many heavily damaged cells die from epidermis. How much UV radiation the skin tolerates varies from person to person. Why is skin cancer developing? UV rays can damage the genetic material in the cell nucleus. Although most damaged cells are dying to protect the skin. But they can also be the starting tumor cells. Their descendants will not stop sharing – they are cancer cells. In addition, overexposure to the sun may weaken the immune system, weakening its own protective mechanisms of the body. How does sunscreen really work? Sunscreens can either block harmful UV rays either chemically or physically. Physical filters work with mineral pigments that reflect UV radiation. They form a protective layer on the skin where the radiation refuses. Chemical filters can absorb UV radiation of certain wavelengths and convert it to other forms of energy, such as heat. The Sun Protection Agent (SPF) creams shows how long a user can remain cremated in the sun without burning sun. Which sunscreen is better? Sunscreen is not the same as sunscreen. Because there are two different types of UV filters, explains the Munich dermatologist Christoph Liebich from a professional association of German dermatologists. It is more common sunscreen with chemical filters penetrating the skin. Physical UV filters, on the other hand, are beautiful on the surface of the skin – where they produce white color. Meanwhile, there are also sunscreens that combine chemical and physical filters. Which filter is better can not be said to be easy. High sun protection factors, such as 50+, were only possible with sunscreen mineral. Meanwhile, however, they can do chemical UV filters as well. The fear of skin irritation caused by the chemical is largely unfounded: German aid for skin and allergies, all chemical filters in today's products are toxicologically safe. Therefore, the risk of allergy is negligible. "They do nothing bad about it," says Liebich. "The fact that chemicals are absorbed into the skin happens with every skin cream." However, some chemical UV filters are suspected of having a hormonal effect. Therefore, the dermatologist advises pregnant women and young children with more mineral filters – "just to be sure to play." What Makes Me Against The Leather Mosquito? Midge women need blood to brew eggs for breeding. When they penetrate the skin with their proboscis to suck blood, they also excrete small amounts of saliva – the substance prevents blood clotting and spreads the blood vessels in human skin. That's why the mosquito was lighter to suck blood. At the same time, proteins contained in saliva mosquitoes also activate defense responses that stimulate itching and inflammation in the stinging cell. Other insects – such as o or bees – react with poison to humans. Again, defensive and reddish reaction to the affected skin. Does cooling help with burns and sting? Cooling of the itchy skin can slow certain inflammatory processes and affect the transmission of sneezing through the nerves. However, cooling generally helps during the application, suspicion of berlin alergologist Marcus Maurer. For the effect of other home remedies such as raw onions or aloe vera there is no evidence. Why Heat Sticks Work against Pain? In local hyperthermia with so-called healing healers, the concentrated heat of 50 to 53 degrees is applied to the puncture spot for a few seconds. Studies have confirmed that local symptoms of mosquito bites are reduced or eliminated. Why is it so, according to an allergist statement, but it is not clear. One of the theories is that the nerves in the skin react sensitive to overheating, exclude the transmission of stimuli, and as a result, the earthquake signal is no longer transmitted to the brain. In case of burns or stitches in the sea? Combined treatment with salty water and UV radiation can alleviate skin disorders such as psoriasis, according to research findings. Even acute wounds can be cleansed with saline – if sterile and 0.9 percent physiological, i.e., Salinity of human blood. Seawater, with an average salt content of 3.5 percent, is too concentrated for the human body. It can dry out damaged skin and even delay the healing process. In addition, seawater contains germs, and existing wounds can ignite.