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Instagram adored twelve-year-old fashion and beautiful advertisements

Everything is beautiful on Instagram, the nicest, the most beautiful. But how does the photo platform deal with younger users? This is an example of a 12-year-old Instagram user from the UK. At least as far as topics of adequate advertising are concerned. Their aunt Tamsin Winter has now shown screenshots of how much ads for fashion and cosmetics teenagers are bombarded daily.

Question Instagram ads for twelve-year-olds

Actually, a niece of British Tamsina winter may not yet be on Instagram. It will be 13 years old – the minimum age for opening an account at Instagram. Nevertheless, he recently joined the social network. Since then, twelve-year-olds can not escape the ad. While Instagram claims that advertising is based on algorithms that closely track the interests of the account owner and so on in advertising, the girl only gets the makeup, clothing, and even fitness ads to help you lose weight. Twelve-year-old is actually interested in sports and topics such as books and travel, so it's Winter for the BBC.

The author had advertisements that her niece spent on Instagram during the day. Advertising books, healthy food, or travel that have in vain sought. According to Winter, Instagram does not reflect the interests of her niece. On the contrary, it seemed he wanted the twelve-year-old to point in a totally wrong direction. Winter ads screenshots are published in her Twitter account.

Instagram ads distort self-portrait of young people

"I was expecting a certain range, but there was no bid, every advertisement was about beauty or fashion," Winter told BBC. Even advertisements that were supposed to promote healthy sports activities were ultimately superficial advertising for beauty. "In sportswear, the model does nothing healthy, it just plays with hair!" Winter wants to recognize what this makes to very young Instagram users and therefore advised the niece not to be naive: "I told her that I knew she knew life was not just in beauty, then she told me that many of her friends are already dieting and think they need have a very specific look. "However, after the release of the BBC's original article, the author discovered that her niece had also received commercials for sports shoes, chocolate, drinks and women's football.

Criticism is always loud, Instagram would undermine the self-confidence of young people with often superficial and permissive shiny aesthetics. The network, with perfectly orchestrated influences, changes the overall beauty ideal by allowing young people to believe in what they see in reality.

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How does Instagram determine who can see which ads?

According to, Instagram shows that algorithms determine which users see ads. Obviously, these algorithms assume that girls under the age of 13 may be interested only in things like makeup, dresses, and accessories. But it is obvious that the beauty industry is just interested in this target group.

This is, of course, the advertiser's desire to pay for contact with a specific target group, says IHS analyst Jack Kent in an interview with BBC. According to analysts, social media advertising is usually based on anonymous data that reflects the interests of the online account holder, as well as other information such as the device and location used.

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