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Lose it, but how?

Text: Regina Zeppelzauer

Almost 3.6 million Austrians have excessive body weight or obesity, according to a 2017 diet report. The main causes are the intake of too much sugar and fat and lack of exercise. "Long-term weight loss success can only be achieved through more exercise in endurance and strength training, as well as less and proper nutrition," explains Univ.-Doz. Dr. Ingrid Kiefer, nutritionist and manager of AGES Risk Communications.

It's easier to say than to do it

Two thirds of Austrians want to lose weight. For many, however, the intention remains. Every year, just during the bikini season, women's magazines publish a variety of "miracle babies" who promise a lot but have little. Eating lightning shows only short-term success and often leads to so-called. Yo-yo effect. "There is no, correct" diet, just a proper diet, "says Kiefer. Everyone who wants to lose weight and keep new weight over a longer period can not avoid a change in diet, so we look at the advantages and disadvantages of some nutrition trends.

Raw food and "raw to four"

Raw eggs eat only uncooked food, which does not necessarily have to be vegetarian. Strictly speaking, you should also eat meat if it is not boiled or fried. Cooking causes loss of vitamins, enzymes and minerals, so food can not heat up more than 40 degrees. "Raw foods with a high share of vegetables and fruits are certainly welcome, but the more limited the food choice, the greater the risk of long-term deactivation of certain vitamins or minerals," says nutritionist Ingrid Kiefer.

Not so strictly "Raw till Four". Eating up to four o'clock in the afternoon with only raw food, then foods such as rice, potatoes or gluten-free pasta can also be heated on the table. This vegan diet is low in fat, rich in carbohydrates and is designed to increase long-term fitness, energy and health. Many users of this diet, however, report the opposite – they feel tired and helpless, many fructose due to large amounts of fruit lead to "excess sugar". There is a lack of protein, and animals (meat, eggs, dairy products) and vegetables (tofu, legumes).

Paleo diet

Eating like in the Stone Age, so low Carbohydrate Urkost, is not only popular with many Hollywood stars. The method is based on the use of only the ingredients that existed in the Palaeolithic, such as nuts, herbs, meat (preferably wild), fish, eggs, seasonal fruits and vegetables. No foodstuffs that only existed after the introduction of livestock and agriculture, such as milk and dairy products, and cereal products, such as bread, are not allowed. Industrial processed foods such as sugar are also avoided.

Removing sugars, dairy products and cereal products quickly lose weight in the first 30 days. To keep it, but a constant change of diet is required. Disadvantage of Paleo child: expensive and time-consuming. Health-related criticism is also high meat and egg consumption, which can lead to increased production of uric acid or high cholesterol. "Any diet that bans individual food groups (dairy products, cereals) carries the risk of lack of essential nutrients," Kiefer criticizes.

Pure dish

Similarly to Palea, it is also about separating preservatives and nutritional additives. But cereals, legumes and dairy products are allowed. Alcohol and coffee are not forbidden, but should be consumed only in small quantities or not at all. It is best to eat five to six smaller meals a day to avoid the desire for food. Water and freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices are drunk. Clean food also means sustainability and conservation of resources, for example, avoiding products that have long flights or cruises behind them. Enjoy seasonal and regional meals.

A pure eating method is not so much about weight loss that comes naturally right away, but more about raising your diet awareness. As with any changes in diet, this trend also carries a certain risk of failure. There are also cases where the desire for "pure food" becomes addictive. Physicians then talk about Orthorexia Nervosa, an over-eating need for healthy eating.

Occasional post or interval post

The post is not just trendy in the time before Easter. Even though he or she has been subjected to religious or health reasons earlier, there is now an aspect of weight loss. Since no calories are added to the body during the post, it uses its reserves. This results in a relatively rapid reduction in fat deposits. The so-called autophagy effect appears, which can be translated as "self-eating". Cells must use all available building elements for energy production through food discontinuation. As a result, not only old, but also defective cells are degraded and transformed into energy. This cell self-purification has the effect of rejuvenating. Full waiver of food is not for everyone.

In order to limit the feeling of hunger, it is recommended that so-called. Particularly popular version is 16: 8, here it alternates 16 hours of eight hour fast food. It is best to split the time so that the post postpones to evening and night hours, then you do not have to miss lunch and dinner. So you start around 20.00 with a post, you can eat again from 12.00. Those who like breakfast can skip dinner and can come, for example, from 16:00 to 8:00.

The second popular variant is 5: 2 posts. You are here for two days, and for the other five days you can eat normal and balanced.

The advantage of a partial post: Food is time-limited, and the possibility of normal food for most people makes it easier to survive. Loss weight with interval postures lasts longer than with "lightning" but success is more lasting.