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No taboos! Now, unpacking Charlotte Roche

There are three bestsellers Charlotte Roche Readers remain in the dark, who has been in the mood of intimate hygiene, drugs and sex with prostitutes. After "wetland habitats", "prayers in the wings" and "girls for all" we really met private Charlotte.

Together with her earlier than she was away from Martha Keß's public husband (55), she is 41-year-old Podcast "Paediologie" on Spotify, And it will be very personal! The couple announces they will not skip the theme of their 15-year relationship: love, sex, children, pairing therapy … They should talk about ruthlessly sincere crises of relationships and quick breaks. met Charlotte Roche with an interview.

Before you sign up for Instagram, were you worried about yourself?

Charlotte Roche: I was really afraid of social media. I thought I would randomly upload all my pictures and videos. Like you were hacked and everyone saw everything and you got to kill yourself.

Now, they do not see everyone, but hears everything in your "Paediologie" podcast … Is not this the most intimate of photos?

Yeah, but I think that's a big difference. In reality TV at home, my husband would not agree, I mean. He would find it too disgusting. The pictures said would be too much. Our podcast will be a kind of family home, but I think it has been refined by being auditive. People must then be introduced.

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  • Your husband Martin is currently wanting to remain undiscovered. Why?

    That makes it more interesting. He has always been out of the public, although he worked as a producer in the media. I think it's bullshit if you do not know what it's like to start and hear only his voice. But who knows, if he does not make a star in BRAVO.

    Even when couples are alone, it is difficult for many to speak openly – especially about sex. Why?

    We're not learning to talk about sex. Watching porn in youth does not help to talk about sex with a partner. At school you should learn to look after what you want. In all it must be allowed to say, "This is not for me." Young women should not be taught that they are bitch if something is rejected. Need Words about what they want to do in bed, and what not. I feel older, better to meet. I felt a little sorry for myself when I was younger. What I went through or where I did not dare say anything … That would not have happened to me now.

    Do you transfer this knowledge to your daughter Polly?

    I hope! But young people also have to make their own mistakes. I can not put my experience into it. But I'm trying to learn it. It can also be angry and massively dismiss parents. It was not allowed to girls earlier. It may be uncomfortable for us to say: Leave your room right away. & # 39; I think it will be useful later in every field. Exercise the people you love, show the boundaries.

    Are you afraid during the podcast that you will be embarrassed about the debate?

    That's it! My husband's daughter and daughter are both 17. Logically, we first asked them – and both of them allowed it. But it was already a debate. They wanted to know if you really talked about everything – yes. But my only attacking podcast tab is: I do not want to give up my kids. If we know they might be thematic, I'll ask them what we are allowed to say. They are completely protected. But there is no taboo! All of our friendly couples are already in the shirt because we want to talk to other couples.

    How do you distinguish yourself from other pairs?

    If you go on holiday with couples, you are no longer a friend. It's just a disaster! The pairs are mutually exhausting. We know the couples we ask ourselves, why are they at all par? They are verbally humiliated while we are in it. My husband and I often get the impression that a man is badly dealing with a woman or talking about sexist things. Incredibly sensitive. But then we enter. My husband protects a woman from her own husband with friendly couples. My feminist knight on golden unicorn.

    But your friends will listen to you …

    True, it will be very sensitive. We can hide very well that we have families and friends. This should not be important. If you want to do something good, where is that really something, you have to hard on all shitIf all these people are concerned, then only politically correct things are said. I already feel expectations that must not be left unfulfilled.

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  • Can you get a little spoiled: What is the expectation of us in the podcast?

    I think sex is a great topic. Real sex in old age. I'm going to get full gas.

    But you did not quite agree on the topic of open relationship …

    I was not sure which rules were. I did not know that everyone must be familiar. Then there were things that Martin had to deal with. Now it's all funny, but it was no time. But like everyone else Tragedies for survival, then you can laugh.

    Did the therapy for couples help you in the situation?

    Very! When you cheat, there is a misunderstanding that this is an insult to a partner. You may also think that it has nothing to do with you. But you need confidence and confidence. And after a long time you can see that it was not the beginning of the end. And then it becomes less and less important.

    You're saying about yourself, you're no longer jealous. Is Martin the same way?

    There are different levels that may occur. Of course, if the whole family feeds with the partner and the partner leads a complete double life, of course there would be many questions and freaks. That would be very neglected. But this "Get out, do whatever you want, I do not want to know" – So cool with us. If you want to stay together, the most stupid thing is to forbid things from each other. Then you will have to go to experience it. Why can not you live something and stay alive?

    Charlotte Roche also wants to talk about the relationship problems with her husband in the podcast "height =" 610 "src =" - your-man-to-podcast-also-about-relationship-problem-talk.jpg? itok = 0SPEPtuU "width =" 610
    Charlotte Roche wants to talk to her husband about the fraudulent podcast

    words Fremdgehen and to cheat sound really unlawful. It's as if someone needs to be stoned. But in reality it is not illegal either Actually, this should not be immoralPhysically, one can promise to be exclusive. But I think it's strange to promise you will never fall in love with someone else. You can not control it at all, try to push it down or not to continue. I feel like you are not talking "Your body and your heart are mine"Then it takes a lot longer than if you say it's all mine and no one can touch it.

    This sounds like a good purpose of preserving freedom in a long relationship.

    If someone told us at first, I'd say weird. At first I was hysterically impatient to lose it and I had a complex. Unreasonable jealousy is the result of insensitivity to oneself. Then other women feel like danger and think that man just wants to escape. But once you check, you really love and want to stay, then relax.

    I hope you will learn how to pass through the most difficult crisis in your podcast.

    Even colder than sex, I find the questions, what's wrong and where we still disagree. I hope we will fight properly and that I can do it, make him cry out in front of the microphone. It will be hard!

    We are curious if you will succeed!

    "Paardiologie" will be available exclusively at Spotify every week on June 21 at 00:01 on June 21st. There are 15 episodes scheduled, every 60 minutes.

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