Permanent stress: Overload in work - these tips help you instantly 2

Permanent stress: Overload in work – these tips help you instantly

Your office desk is full of work and has no end in sight? Do you want to crawl under the table or go for a break? Take a deep breath. Go with our current tips stress to collars.

Workers in Germany are in constant stress

Do you feel stressed and overloaded at work often? Welcome to the club. Workplace stress is now widespread and many people are increasingly suffering from it. More and more work has to be done and done right now.

But as job requirements increase, so is the level of stress increasing. A certain amount of stress can be justified. But if stress takes over, action is needed.

Accept the load limit

No one likes to admit it is under stress or even overwhelmed. In society this is often seen as a sign of weakness. They work your own and yours health but not services if you do not notice alerts of your body and just continue. So before crashing below the table and nothing works, you agree that the limit has been reached. Be aware of your situation. Take a short break of coffee and try to clear your mind.

Set priorities and do not fade

Instead of going back to work quickly and then falling back five minutes later, you should prepare a "stress plan." What business do you have to do today? Which task can you contact tomorrow? What could even a colleague's office do for you?

Set your priorities and do the work per job instead of starting half the job.

Get the storage time

Your calendar is full of meetings and to do? Do not forget to enter your name in the calendar. "It's Me-Time!" Build between your working time and again the short time of the buffer you use to return to the clean head. Whether you're using this coffee break time, go to the toilet, or just look out the window to see how birds depend on you.

Again, take advantage

Turn off the idea of ​​a disaster and remember that there is overload in your head. Is stress really so acute or are you causing so much stress? Often, it is a cause for perfectionism that puts us under such pressure.

Instead of panics, you should step by step to access the appropriate tasks and put the highest concentration on the task. Only when this task is completed, dedicate yourself to a new task. This will help you work more efficiently and you will experience success faster when the job is completed.

Does not everything help? Change something or find a new job right away

Everything is already tried and still does not help anything? Sometimes roots of overload are not with you, but with circumstances and above all business. Perhaps there are too few available workers that could actually deal with work that is done together and without stress.

If stress simply does not break, it is best to first search for a conversation with the boss. Explain his situation and make it clear that you can not continue this way. It is very possible that he is not aware that the level of stress and effort on his employees is so high. If you include the draft and do not understand your concerns seriously, you may be serious about changing your job so you can calm down again. Since jobs are available in multiple versions, your health is just one.

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