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Polen polet today at 22.6.19: Which pelud is currently flying?

Polen starts today at 22.6.19: Good news for people with a fever and allergy: The load on pollen is currently low. Here is the pelagic 2019 calendar.

Today, the number of pollen is relatively weak for June. People with allergies and pollen fever should have fewer problems than a few days ago. This is mainly because the pollen grass is not currently flying so strongly.

What exactly does forecast for Pollen on Saturday, June 22, 19 appear? What is flying in June to Pollenkalender 2019? Here are the information.

Polen polet today: forecast for Saturday, June 22,

On Saturday, only the grassy grass is moderate. In addition, there is a small allergy burden of fowl pollen, according to our WetterKontor provider.

Read Now: Today's edition of daily newspapers as e-paper.

Read Now: Today's edition of daily newspapers as e-paper.

Pollen Calendar 2019: This pollen is flying in June

In which months do allergic persons have to adapt to the type of pollen? This can be slightly different year by year. Generally, however, the polling calendar will look like this again in 2019:

  • wormwood: In mid-June to mid-August
  • birch: In early March to mid-May
  • Erle: In mid-January to early April
  • Grass: In mid-April to mid-August
  • hazel: End January through early April
  • rye: In mid March through the end of August
  • ash: In early March to early May

Number of pollen: Symptoms of allergy to pollen fever and pollen

These are the most common symptoms of allergies to pollen and pollen fever:

  • Nose and throat nose
  • scabies thrust
  • Fatigue during the day
  • Wheezing
  • Influence of the conjunctiva
  • The nail in the nose, eyes or on the palate
  • Nasal hypersensitivity

What exactly is feverish fever?

Physicians talk about allergic rhinitis in feverish fever. This means the nasal mucosa inflammation caused by allergies. The cause of this disease may be, for example, domestic dust mites, as well as pollen of plants or trees. Pollen pollen transfers to people who suffer from allergies and cause pollen allergy.

Pollen allergies, pollen fever, plush calendars: When does the pollen fly? And where? Who is affected by the pollen?

What the pollen travels when, says the calendar above the pollen. Most of the pollen is in the spring on the road but without it is hardly a season. There is a city-country factor: in agglomerations, the pollen fever is more common. In addition, the fever is hereditary.

Symptoms and test: Do I have a fever or allergy to pollen?

For symptoms of pustular fever or allergy due to plush, you should go to the doctor. Alergologist, there are different tests on the skin or nose, clear symptoms and thus create clarity. Thus, patients not only find allergy to pollen, but also appropriate cross-allergy. Hay fever is very individual, mono-allergies are rare: most allergic people react to several types of pollen.

Allergy, Piglet and Puff Fever 2019: What Is Helping Against Puff Fever, What To Do

What helps with fever and what can I do, ask many patients: Hypocensisation or immunotherapy, fever or allergy to the pollen can be treated long-lasting. There are pills, nose sprays or eye drops to treat the symptoms. However, these antihistamines also often have undesirable side effects – particularly tiredness. In addition, medications such as cortisone sprays for fever and allergy are now available at the counter.

In the case of not so strong allergy to pollen, it can go without medicines that help in individual cases. For example, washing hair in the evening can help or keep clothes that are used during the day outside the bedroom. It should also be emitted only tilted and then penetrate less pollen flight into a house or apartment. Bed covers and linens are to be followed more often than usual. The ideal time to broadcast the house is after rain and – in the cities – in the morning. In the village, however, the pollen level is lowest in the evening after 19 o'clock.

Senna fever and pollen today / today: With the application you know exactly what's coming

Pollen allergy pollen and feverish fever sufferers want to know exactly and in advance what's happening with allergens today and right now. For this purpose, the German time service offers a pollen application. "Danger Hazard Index" is the name of the app for Android and iOS.

The hay fever in Germany – not just the problem in 2019

Hay fever affects about twelve million people in Germany. The Robert Koch Institute is based on more than a million children and adolescents. This phenomenon has stabilized in the last years at a high level.

Which plants, grasses and trees are particularly responsible for allergies

These plants are particularly aggressive: hazelnut, john, ash, birch, honeybee, beech, poplar, oak, beech, beech, grass, rye, olives, chestnuts, corn, apricot, skeleton, pelinkovac, sunflower, ambrosium, goldsmith .

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