Skin Problems: These delicious dishes provide wrinkles, pimples and skin. 2

Skin Problems: These delicious dishes provide wrinkles, pimples and skin.

Are you wondering impurities and wrinkles at an early age? Your skin problems may be due to wrong eating! These 5 favorite dishes provide acne, wrinkles and skin …

All dermatologists agree in one: What we eat our body sooner or later becomes visible on the skin. So if you do not pay attention to your diet, you can unsuccessfully try to remove or conceal problems such as wrinkles and impurities in expensive care and care products. On the other hand, our favorite foods that damage the body with its high proportion of fat and sugar are fatal to the body and skin. Good for our health, on the other hand, are foods that are rich in proteins, antioxidants and vitamins, such as fresh fruits and vegetables … From now on we will tell you which 5 dishes you need to remove from the diet:

1) Pomfrit

Potato, who does not love them? In all its forms, colors and varieties, we eat vegetables every dayWhether it is covered with sour cream in the oven, fried in kernels and truffles or plunged into a saucepan in different flavors. Respect, but unfortunately these two variants are very toxic to our skin. Packed meals are rich in saturated fats and their high acid content causes an unpleasant red on the face. Salty chips, on the other hand, are responsible for bags under their eyes and wrinkles.

2) salted pizza

It was probably a dinner with Italy because Our favorite pizza, "Pizza Diavola" (with the word "devil pizza") with sparkling lettuce, is, as the name just says, hellish eating for our skin. Acne, pimple and blackberry are the result of this heavenly delicious meal. You should always keep your hands away from salami, as the flavor and fat enhancers in the pork are pure poison for our face. Also, pizza dough, which is made with lactose and causes stomach uplift, should disappear from our diet.

3) Spotted milk

Sad but true, our beloved breakfast is unhealthy! It's a hot latte macchiata, which with three ingredients – milk, coffee and sugar – causes unwanted skin problems. Cow's milk products are full of hormones that feel like a pimple in the face. Excessive consumption of coffee also leads to a so-called "stress hormone" (cortisol). The result is dryness and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and neck.

4) Hot Asian food

Approved, every now and then treat yourself to a tasty soup of Asian trust: Fresh herbs, meat and healthy vegetables are usually sufficient for a good conscience. If not only salt and flavor enhancers are responsible for making our shoulder plate one of the nicest dishes ever. The consequences are dehydrated skin and wrinkle formation. Spicy cherry sorghum should be treated with caution because it is responsible for redness, straight in the center of the face.

5) pasta and bread

From now on, we should be sorry for spaghetti, Penne & Co., because these carbohydrates are among the most expensive foods for our skin. Wheat noodles and bread are the best friends with cellulite and acne. Also, our satiety is not satisfied with just one plate, which leads to catching after meals for other, unhealthy snacks. Goodbye Pasta …

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