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The bee's death: the necessary measures

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The Federal Council should quickly take measures against the death of bees and insects. This requires the National Council. He abruptly accepted the proposal of the Aargauer National Council of GDP and beekeeper Bernhard Guhla on Friday.

The Initiative invites the Federal Council to rapidly and consistently implement all recommendations of the National Plan of Measures for Bee Health. The federal government needs to work closely with the cantons and contribute to funding.

Danger for people

Furthermore, the Federal Council must integrate insect protection in all sectors, whether agricultural policy, spatial planning, education policy or economic policy. It should report regularly on the progress of the effort.

Not just apples in Thurgau, cherries in Basel-Land or apricots in Valais have been hit by insect killing, Guhl wrote in his attempt. Flowers in the Alps, amphibians, fish and birds, and ultimately humans are endangered.

Report this summer

The State Council is now deciding on the initiative. The Bundesrat does not object to it. He was aware of the poor state of insect diversity in Switzerland and shared concerns about the proposal, he wrote in his statement. Despite measures already taken, killing insects has so far been impossible to stop.

Causes are basically known. In the center will be a spacious landscape, intensive agriculture, poor quality of insect habitat and increased light emission. The Federal Office of the Environment will soon explain in more detail the causes of the report. The report should serve as a basis for further action. The parliamentary group also devotes itself to bees. This is led by the National Councils Guhl and Mathias Reynard (SP / VS).