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The Clarins Prize was first awarded in Bad Driburg

The Clarins Prize was first awarded in Bad Driburg 2

The "Clarins Prix" was awarded at a festive occasion at Gräflichen Park Grand Resort in Bad Driburg. TV host Bettina Cramer (left) with Dr. Med. Sabine Hofmann (Editor-in-Chief), Christian Courtin-Clarins (chairman of Groupe Clarins from Paris), Verena Pausder's winner, Julia Becker (chairman of Funke Mediengruppe) and Stephan Seidel (Director General Clarins).
Photo: Michael Robrecht

Clarin is one of the leading European companies for skin care, makeup, perfumes and exclusive care. President Christian Courtin-Clarins personally came from Paris to Bad Driburg in honor of Verena Pausder (born Delius of Bielefeld) and her project. Klaus von Dohnanyi (90) emphasized the importance of early digital education today.

As a founder and executive director of Fox & Sheep (2012) and HABA Digital Workshop (2016), Verena Pausder, whose family is known around the world as a textile manufacturer in Bielefeld, devoted himself to digital life and learning of the current generation of children. With applications such as Sleep Good, Small Building Workers, and the Fox & Sheep Petting Zoo, children can play playfully and playfully the digital world. At the HABA digital workshop, they will be able to look beyond the user interface and make the digital world active and creative. With both companies, Verena is successful: Fox & Sheep is the largest programmer for children's applications in Germany and is one of the top ten in Europe with more than 25 million downloads. The HABA Digital Workshop today is not only represented in eight locations in Germany, but also introduces the first mobile digital workshops in the NRW schoolyard. Verena Pausder was led by a big vision: "All children should have equal access to digital education," she said in Bad Driburg. In 2017 he founded the association Digital Education for All e.V.

Verena Pausder, born 1979 in Hamburg and grown up in Bielefeld, now lives with her husband and three children in Berlin. It is with joy, as reported by WESTFALEN-BLATT in Bad Driburg, Ostwestfalen, and especially Bielefeld, relatives and friends.

Verena Delius (now Pausder) and her nurse founded her first sushi bar in Bielefeld. At the same time he studied business administration at St. Gallen was then an intern in the Munich reinsurance company. He then founded his own company, Delius Capital. In 2006 he received the title of "CEO of the Future", McKinsey's consulting firm. At the age of 25 he moved to the internet industry and was responsible for the German speaking area market as a regional manager at After that, he built the distribution of former branch Bertelsmann »scoyo« before moving to goodbeans as manager in 2010.

Verena Pausder is a passionate devotion, networking and machine: she is one of the founders of the "Startup Teens" initiative that inspires entrepreneurial students. Clarins was also a member of Commerzbank's subsidiary comdirect, the deputy chairman of the media oversight committee: net brandenburg, deputy chairman of the CODE committee and Alfred Herrhausen's board member. At the political level, Verena Pausder advises ministries in Berlin on digital transformation issues.

Three remarkable women with three major children's projects were nominated for "Prix Clarins 2019": with Verena Pausder, Stefanie Graf for "Children for Tomorrow" and Sandru von Möller with "KIDsmiling".

Digital education, what does that mean? "In any case, not just pushing children into a i-pad or equipping hardware schools," says Verena Pausder to the World Bank. Even the consumption of social media has nothing to do with media literacy. For a mother, digital education means that elementary school students already have a creative tool in their hands so they can shape their own future. They do not have access to digital education. Your association Digital Education for Everyone Wants to Change It. The biggest problem is that so far this change has not been recognized in schools or universities. This requires more technically trained teachers and better education in this area, so digital education loses the elite seal.

The 100-seat event at the attractively decorated Grand Resor Hall was a "good lunch" and an excellent way to talk and exchange ideas.