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The granddaughter asks a grandfather question – it leads to a radical way of life

Before & After: Jason Parrish looks like another person.


The 45-year-old British was left in an extremely unhealthy way of life. As long as his grandson did not ask a question that radically changed his life.

Telford – children are considered to be the most beautiful gift in the world, and British Jason Parrish could have called not only a father, but his grandfather at the age of 45. His grandson one day asked a question that would turn the lives of the British overlapping: "Will you still be with me on my wedding day?" nothing special, you will never find out. The fact is that a small boy has hit this question and may have extended his grandfather's life, the Daily Star says.

Jason Parrish weighed 250 pounds – then his life changed abruptly

Jason Parrish has been tortured since his birth with a bitter struggle with his weight, from which the 45-year-old often appeared as a loser. Up to 250 pounds Britain has in the meantime brought the scales. However, in the past, he could not get food, so Jason's family had to look at how he continually injured his body.

When the 45-year-old cecum was turned on, doctors could not work on it because his weight was too high, but even this dangerous circumstance could not change the behavior of Jason Parrish. Surprisingly, therefore, the simple question of his granddaughter can persuade the Brits to fight against his overweight.

130 pounds in 15 months – British with incredible history

Obviously shocked and disagreeable with the question of her granddaughter and uncertainty about her response, the 45-year-old went to the doctor and found that she would have to lose only five percent of her body weight to undergo a stomach reduction. Sufficient motivation for Jason Parrish, who lost 30 pounds, and then went on to surgery. Since then, however, things have really begun for a young grandfather.

For 15 months, the British has cut incredible 133 kilograms and returned his life to the right path. All this through the touching question his grandson asked him. For Parrish it was clear: he would in any case wish to experience his granddaughter's wedding. Finally, there was a motivation that had for many years missed the 45-year-old.

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