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"This is the first time I made such a private thing"

TIME ONLINE: Mrs. Roche, you
convince your husband Martha Keß to give you podcasts Paardiologie also
Do it as a couple works after 15 years of relationship. Was he already sorry for that?

Charlotte Roche: Let's do this.
This definitely changes us as a couple already.

TIME ONLINE: In positive or
in a negative sense?

Roche: If I say that
so far it would only have positive effects, that would be a lie. When in there
Changing relationships is always good and bad.

TIME ONLINE: Because you got it
A routine that gives up stability?

Roche: Of course. Otherwise I always do
I'm out there and make an alarm. This time my husband and I are talking
together. For the first time I made such a private thing. Pretty nice

TIME ONLINE: In your novels wetlands
since 2008 circle of prayer
By 2011 you have allowed a lot of private things, such as accidental death
Brothers or problematic relationships with your divorced parents. they
he could leave him open, which of them is a fictitious figure now Charlotte Roche is i
what is right. Now pick it up.

Roche: Yes, that does not apply anymore.

TIME ONLINE: Was that you?

Roche: Yeah, because I did
changed, relationship with my husband changed, my whole
Life. Children are now bigger. Earlier, when they were less, I thought
Always, I would have to protect the privacy a lot more, I took a lion's stance
a. No one speaks to the public in the public, it was clear because they did
he could not retaliate. Today I can only ask them – they are old

TIME ONLINE: Do you own yours
The 16-year-old daughter asked what she thought about her relationship
publicly discuss?

Roche: Not just "What do you think?"
but? "but" do you allow us to do so? "- with the option they say
May: I do not want it, please stop. Luckily, he does not know.
So if we do a finance episode, that's the topic you're talking about
at least as good as discussing the reproof – I mean
The daughter asks if it's all right for her
Get a paypal. It's the only taboo in this podcast: too
in detail about children.

TIME ONLINE: They call it
The podcast is a "double experiment". You can also say that you are doing the public
Couples therapy.

Roche: That could be said. me
They have a lot of experience with steam therapy. This really has us several times
saved, otherwise we would not have existed anymore. We can give people a podcast
Of course, do not say: listen to us and we will help you. We are not
Therapist. But we can report what we learned in pacifier therapy
have, and promote, use it too. celebrated Par terapeut Ulrich
one said the most
The couples would be late for six years. So you've been desperate for a long time
something slammed around. They could save this time of suffering.

TIME ONLINE: You have a in
TIME said
: "I think it helps to stop doing business, to be cool
Love is to be able to stay.
Unwilling is one of the main topics in pairing therapy.

Roche: In my opinion
Monogamy is not possible. It is a Christian-moral construct that is
one day someone made that sense. I feel like a mischief.
Only the terms "cheating" or "cheating" sound like insult.
The worst part of the relationship is when a partner says: I own yours
Heart and body. And you can not do what you want with her. Why
It must cause a partnership if you do something different
probably? Why can not it even enrich it?

TIME ONLINE: probably
because for many people it is associated with great fears when it is a partner
want to be intimate with another person. And because it's problematic, though
One partner wants to have sex with other people, but not the other.

Roche: Yes, because everyone thinks
Cheating is always a comparison and becomes a jump to the next relationship
be. But that does not have to. I also had phases related, u
what I thought: I'm dying to do it. There is a lot of confidence,
do with depilation. I became more confident, I love myself
much more than before. My body, just like me. And stupid things on me can
I accept better than before. That is why I am much more sovereign:
I'm in touch. Today I would think: Just ahead, I have to
they also do not necessarily know. Even if I banned it, my husband could
Well yes. And you can even lose your beloved partner if you do so
something completely natural taboo. Then the relationship ends just for that
you were so stern.

TIME ONLINE: That means you and
Does your husband run an open relationship?

Roche: Not really. they
I'm a big fan of such models. With my husband
I do not know that yet. That's what makes me the most exciting
Podcast: What we disagree with. If we run
The microphone discusses the advantages and disadvantages. Open relationships are nothing
Main News: Many people tried it in the seventies and everyone came back
Back because he was too painful.