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Unhappiness in the garden club

Laughing Yoga game

Laughing Yoga game

Lachstadt – In the afternoon trouble, yesterday he came to the Heide Witzka e.V. garden club. from 1928. The weird retired Wilma Streit complained 15:07 local time fiercely to their loud funny neighbors. However, they managed to quickly clear out the behavior: they played a new Laugh Free! Laugh game. Now the calmer, older spectacle carrier was immediately invited to the match and afterwards said that he felt directly 10 years younger.

On the sidelines, facts come now:

Shared laughter releases endorphins and stimulates relaxation. It ensures a reduction in stress, provides more energy for everyday life, stimulates creativity, provides vitality and is anti-aging.

Because "Laughter is the best cure!" It is not only popular wisdom, it is also scientifically proven in various researches. The legal laughter of laughter exercises are combined with yoga breathing techniques. You can laugh with laughter yoga exercises, even if you do not feel that or you can not even laugh at everyday life. It is important that our body can not say whether there is any reason to laugh, for example, joke, or laugh at yoga laughter exercises. Health benefits for the body and mind are the same.
Laughter is a difficult job for the body: the heart goes faster, blood pressure increases, more than 100 muscles are involved from face to mouth. You breathe deeper than usual, the positive consequences are incredible: laughter relaxes, reduces stress, gives you more energy for everyday life and increases your life's desire.

Innovative idea of ​​the game "Smile!" Integrates yoga yoga exercises in the action salon. Previous knowledge is not required. Game rules are simple: each player at the beginning gets a certain number of ballast stones. After completing the task or practicing yoga laughter, the player can get rid of the stone. Playing fields determine dice, so some luck may not be missing. The one who dropped his balloon first wins.

The game offers relaxation and joy of living. Smile free! was developed together with the laughing yoga trainer. It is designed for 3-10 people, the recommended age of 10 years and can be ordered at

Grandma Wilma Streit is now thinking about changing the name.

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