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When survival becomes a fight – a 38-year-old with terminal colon cancer

The daughter of Tianna, the sick Marina Yancy and the son of Dion, have been working together for six years against the illness of Mame Marina.

Call for a donation to a Cancer Cancer Cancer – financial help helps, so that the mother and children can spend a little more time together.

Rotenburg, Hospital stays, surgery, hair loss and hell pain: With these pains, Marina Yancy now lives six years a day. The self-defense mother of two children is seriously ill. In pain and unconscious, she went to the hospital during Easter holidays in 2013 – since then nothing has ever happened.

Totally unexpected, she got a shocking diagnosis: the end stage of colon cancer with metastases from the lymph nodes. The 38-year-old's life turned 360 degrees from the diagnosis. For her daughter Tianna (15) and her son Diona (13), Marina remains strong despite the severity of her illness – fighting as a lioness. The desire for life and all the hope that never lost despite the fights of destiny.

Much has been done in the past six years, with four chemotherapy, three high-volume operations and 28 abdominal operations behind it. As if that was not enough, a young woman subsequently suffered bilateral pulmonary embolism and lost more organs. It seemed that after every hope there was a double backlash. The tumors grew again and sprinkled her body.

Also, important celebrations and birthdays, intended for families, the wife spent most of the time in the clinics. On Mother's day, she received the love letter written by her children on the bed. In all difficult times, unconditional love between mother and two children is the only thing left. Two months ago, a small family suffered another failure: while Mama Marina passed abdominal surgery, another tumor was detected in her pancreas. Physicians have decided against the removal of tumors. The reason: from a medical standpoint, it is a better decision to give a young woman a spark of life quality.

Two years ago, it was bad for the 38-year-old's health. After her doctors diagnosed peritoneal cancer, they promised her a maximum lifespan of just eight months. Today, however, are the last forces with which Marina Yancy is fighting for survival. On her side has her family, but also the good friends she is following. Daniela Iba is a friend who is particularly concerned about the welfare of a young mother and her children. He knows that health is not for sale, but unfortunately such a serious disease requires a lot of money. As the family relies on money, she asks for a donation so that life support Mama Marina could continue to finance alternative medicine. Because that's the only way Marina, Tianna and Dion stay, to spend some time together. Money is coming and money is going, but time together is a bit. With the donation, the family can give time and unforgettable experiences – and Tianna and Dion still have financial support after the lost battle.


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