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XMRE military class ready for meals

Although there is nothing new about the concept of ready-to-eat dishes (MREs), it is surprising that many people still do not know about them. The most dedicated survivors and breeders, along with our officers and soldiers, are very familiar with these types of food, but most of them are not. To get a good idea of ​​what XMRE is, you should first have a clear idea of ​​the MRE concept.

Originally, MREs were developed for US military use. After the world wars, the military sought a more efficient, more efficient and better way to feed their soldiers on the battlefield. This led to the development of a light, self-contained, individualized, ready-to-eat food packed in a portable package. There were several repetitions of this concept before these dishes developed into the MREs we know today.

XMRE is a type of ready-to-eat dish. XMREs are designed and manufactured to provide consumers with enough calories so that they can continue their work throughout the day without their organs experiencing a shortage of energy supply. What is important for XMREs is that they are crafted to the highest possible military standards and therefore ensure that they meet all traditional packaging and SGI standards. However, in some respects, this type of MME actually exceeds traditional standards.

One element that distinguishes XMRE is how many calories are contained in each package. In each package, XMRE has more than 1,300 calories, which is enough to drive you through the day without experiencing any critical energy loss.

Other defining features of XMREs

– Expanded shelf life: XMREs are designed to be eaten up to five years after production. Of course, this will depend on specific long-term storage and temperature conditions.
– Provides nutritional value to proper nutrition.
– Eating rations are completely prepared. Hydration is not necessary for consumption of XMRE. In case of emergency you can eat them directly from the bag if you do not care if the food is warm.
– A variety of dishes. The XMRE Case comes with 6 different dining options to provide you with a variety of dishes.
"The dishes are packaged and prepared not only to meet military standards but also to exceed them. For example, the packaging is designed to be a military class, tamper-proof, portable and waterproof.

XMRE package contents

The package includes the following nutritional content:

1. 8 ounces of tuna, chicken, vegetarian, pork or grated beef.
2. Snack bread, ordinary cracker, vegetable biscuits or flour cakes.
3. Fruit jellies, MPE sauces, jams or peanut butter for your spreads or sauces.
4. Coffee per specimen (one portion per pack).
5. Sole or varied fruit-flavored beverages.
6. For dessert, wet fruit, cakes, dessert biscuits or instant puddings.
7. The spice set contains salt and pepper, non-dairy cream and sugar.

There are other items that are included, so XMRE is really ready to eat and really self-sufficient. Each pack is supplied with a brown napkin, disinfecting soap solution and wet napkin, and a heavy 7-inch spoon of military grade.