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13 years ago, Fuldabrück's Michael Moses-Meil became infected with MRSA

There are many years after MRSA infection continues to be a problem: Michael Moses-Meil of Fuldabrück has been devoted to more tests in hospitals.

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What happens when bacteria become resistant to antibiotics? It was Michael Moses-Meil who had to experience firsthand.

After the accident, he had to undergo a surgical procedure, but one of the wounds did not heal. Moses-Meil is infected with MRSA, Multiple Drug Resistant Pathogenesis (MRE). Where it is caught the bacterium is not clear. There was no test on arrival at the clinic. And there comes the application, which the AfD group, which includes Moses-Meil, wants to be brought into the district council.

For the past 13 years, a 50-year-old is struggling with the consequences of an accident. On September 9, 2006, a bicycle trail hit the car after his driver lost control. He was hurt in the head, broke his lower leg and ankle, and had to undergo surgery at the hospital. "I quickly realized that the wound on the leg was not well healed." The pain was massive. "At that time, I did not know what microbes were multi-dimensional. I did not even think about it."

Problem: Various antibiotics and antibiotic chains have burned it. Moses-Meil developed a bone infection. Only after Madentherapie and 24th surgery can the wound be closed down. Even today, a 50-year-old has to deal with long-term consequences. "If I overload my leg, it hurts," he says. It also has problems rewinding over and over again. Moses-Meil sometimes has to use a walking stick and depends on the workplace available to the disabled.

"But I was lucky with that," he says. During the period of hospitalization and rehabilitation, he has repeatedly encountered people who had to be amputated limbs after the outbreak of infection, and many patients would die each year from infection with the MRE.

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"It would be easy to avoid this suffering by prescribing complete testing for all the hospitals," says Moses-Meil. "Practice in other countries such as the Netherlands shows that it does. Why not do it in Germany?" There are only single houses, such as the Marienkrankenhaus in Kassel, that carry out the tests at their own expense. Therefore, the municipal council should decide to instigate the state parliament Hessian and the state government to introduce MRE tests across the country in hospitals in Hessen. The Municipal Council will report on the request on Monday. He did not find support in the Social Affairs Committee after Green and Left, according to Moses-Meil, against and refraining from SPD and CDU.