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«Against Big Wenger Full of Pants»

Berner legend Schwinger believes that Kilian Wenger is more and more in the ears of Zwilchhosen.

At first glance Kilian Wenger (29) looks stronger than ever. Father Léanne's three-month-old daughter, Mean, increased her weight from 108 to 112 pounds in comparison with the previous year. His four wedding holidays this season, however, were quite weak.

Although the crown king of 2010 won the mid-term in Bern Yuri. However, with Thomas Sempach and Patrick Schenk, he only killed two Swiss wreath singers in 24 strokes.

In the exhibition of former Schwarzsee winner Christian Oesch (51) there are six federal wreaths. Oesch says in uncertain terms: "While impressing how the sovereign Kilian wins against the heavy swingers, but as soon as he enters the ring against a large caliber like Sven Schurtenberger, he is full of his pants."

Of the 133 kilograms, Wenger was overwhelmed by the wandering from the Lucerne Canton. "But Schurtenberger would not have the slightest chance if Wenger could withdraw his potential."

Bonus for the beloved Chilean

How does Wenger respond? "I did not trust Schutenberg, I was not sure because I had not fought for him for years, and I was rarely classified as an absolute climax.

This was also observed by Ucel Banz, an ally in Lucerne: "Normally, the top guest has to prove against the strongest locals, but Kilian is the watcher's favorite, so bring him in one piece at Lucerne after defeating Schutenberger who is very human.

The task of the most popular king of swingers of all time is solvable tomorrow at Schwarzsee. At first speed, he meets Thurgau Domenica Schneider.

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From August 23rd to 25th, there are colonies, sawdust and Zwilchhosen in Switzerland – Swiss Swing and Alpine Festival in Zug. Here you will find everything you need to know about a mega-event.