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Allergy to hazelnuts – causes, symptoms and treatment


People who suffer from allergy to pollen pollen do not have easy in spring. Then the number of pollen is strongest and comes to those who are affected by various unpleasant symptoms. What is the reason why the pollen allergy is actually present and which treatments are there, you will find in this report.

Allergy to Chicken Nuts – What Is It?

In case of allergy to hazelnuts, those affected are allergic to hazelnuts. Each year, from March to April, the pollen pollen season begins again, as the hazelnuts bloom. Impaired people are now difficult. The season lasts until May. Then the pollen load decreases so that people suffering from allergies can breathe again. When winter is very mild, it often starts already in the winter, for example in January or February. Hazelnut wood is mostly among early flowering plants.

The number of pollen can begin regionally at different times. The temperatures in each region determine the time of the pollen. In warmer regions it can come early because of the pollen. Hazel belongs to a group of generations. It is therefore very widespread in Central Europe, also in Germany and Austria.

The air, as soon as the flowering begins, is enriched with the pollen of hazelnut trees. It should be noted that people who are allergic to hazelnuts can also develop allergic symptoms when eating certain foods. Cross-allergies can occur especially with fresh fruit, for example:

  • apples
  • pears
  • peaches
  • plums
  • cherry / cherry

The following types of nuts are also possible:

  • nuts
  • walnuts
  • almonds
  • Brazilian nuts
  • peanut

Allergy to hazelnuts – how is it?

Pelud is distributed through the air: people suffering from allergies take it through their airways, causing them to enter the body. The pollen cube is harmless, but the immune system of people suffering from allergy is recognized as an attacker. It therefore forms antibodies that are distributed in the body through histamine, a substance that transmits messages. In addition, hazelnut pollen settles on the skin allergic, so the corresponding symptoms come in. It is an allergen to Bet V 1 which causes pollen allergy.

What are allergy symptoms on hazelnuts?

Symptoms are similar to those most pollen allergies. The following complaints may appear:

  • Nasal leakage, nasal discharge and sneezing
  • swelling of the mucous membrane
  • irritable respiratory tract
  • cough
  • Allergic asthma is also possible in severe cases
  • Owl around the neck and throat
  • wheezing
  • itching, watery, blurred eyes
  • red skin and pustules

Red spots and areas on the skin begin to swell and become itchy with continuous exposure to pollen. This can be related to pain.

What is the allergy diagnosis on hazelnuts pollen?

If you find the symptoms listed above, you should go to a doctor or an allergist. You can check the allergy test if you are allergic to hazelnuts or if there is some other allergy. Especially in the spring, many other pollen are on their way. It is usually possible to determine the allergic reaction of certain plants by an allergy test. A prick test is often used: The skin here is a bit scratchy to apply an allergen. If after a while you get red skin or pustule, you are allergic to the pollen of the puddle.

How to Treat Allergy to Nuts Hazelnut

It is important to treat allergies because with allergy to pollen with untreated pollen there is a risk of developing allergic asthma. This is called floor change. If the allergic reaction is determined by an allergy test, allergy can be treated specifically. For this purpose, antiallergic agents are available in the form of tablets, drops or nasal sprays. Even with a strong allergy associated with asthma, it is necessary to treat medication.

For mild illness it can be enough to release hay fever, such as eye drops and nose sprays. Regular nasal irrigation with saline solutions can help remove the nasal mucosa of the hazelnuts. Redness of skin or rash is often prescribed by cortisone albumin. They make itching easier and cure inflammation. Note: Anti-allergic agents only treat symptoms. Can not cure allergy on hazelnuts. The pole screen, air purifier and Hepafilter vacuum cleaner can help keep the air purity in the home.

Immunotherapy for long-term relief or removal of discomfort

In the long run, desensitization can be carried out: the immune system is faced here over a prolonged period with low doses of the appropriate allergen. The goal is gradually getting used to the allergen and, as a result, reduce the symptoms over time or, at best, prevent them from appearing.

However, desalination of hazelnuts can take a long time. Treatment often has to be carried out for two to three years and regularly. It is often unnecessary to skip the treatment examinations. It is not suitable for hypertension that is treated with beta-blockers. However, before the onset of immunotherapy, it is possible to switch to another drug.

And in bronchial asthma immunotherapy is not an option. The risk of serious allergic reactions is high. In addition to relieving symptoms, specific immunotherapy also prevents further allergies and the development of allergic bronchial asthma.


Every year in March, even earlier in mild winters, the pollen pollen pollen season begins again and lasts until mid-May. Then the pulse load slowly decreases so that people suffering from allergies can breathe again. The immune system reacts to the pollen hazelnuts in hazelnuts and recognizes it as an attacker, creating a defense that promotes typical symptoms of allergy to pollen pollen. Complaints can be individually different. After that, the treatment depends. Specific immunotherapy is useful if the quality of life is noticeably reduced.

Allergy to hazelnuts - causes, symptoms and treatment 2

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