Beauty Crush: Why are we completely in love with this natural brand of cosmetics? 2

Beauty Crush: Why are we completely in love with this natural brand of cosmetics?

When we find a brand of beauty that fully meets our needs, we will put it into our heart of beauty and we will not drop it so quickly. If the products are not only effective, they are also produced under fair conditions, without animals, without synthetic dyes and preservatives, mineral oils or parabens, as well as aluminum and silicone, that is a great love. We do not want to start packing from the packaging … In German beauty UND GRETEL, at least, it's all a direct hit.

Hey Beauty: This is a natural cosmetic brand I GRETEL

And GRETEL 2015 founded Christina Roth, who worked as an internationally active make-up artist for a good star star. During her work, the question appeared again and again, whether the combination of cosmetics with the highest standards and natural ingredients was combined. Since intense colors and longevity of roses, Eyeshadow and Co. often require controversial ingredients or synthetic preservatives. And all make-up in the cosmetics sector until then was not known because of its intensity or longevity.

Together with marketer Stephanie Dettmann, they set themselves the goal of creating multicolored colors, transforming them into durable textures, using only ingredients that come from nature. Without synthetic preservatives or chemical ingredients. It was the birth of AND GRETEL.

Where does GRETEL come from?

The name and GRETEL are inspired by the fairies of Grimm's brothers. It is a deliberate name that reminds of fairy tales and should refer to the old values. It should be pointed out that everyone does not need much time to rethink their consumer behavior.

Product names such as Knutzen for kissing lip gloss or Luk (luck) for a creamy pen come from medium high German and sound somewhat known for their Anglo-Saxon roots.

What are beauty products from AND GRETEL?

There will be no news in AND GRETEL every six months. The range is reduced and carefully aligned. Quality is clearly in focus. All products are certified by BDIH (Federal Association of Industrial and Commercial Drugs, Healthy Foods, Dietary Supplements and Cosmetics).

Every woman who uses and produces GRETEL can create a beautiful makeup that is beautiful and there is no overwhelming beauty. Although beautiful, clean packaging works well as decorative items on every make-up.

The foundation (52,50 euros), the corrector (39,50 euros), the lifting powder (80,50 euros), the mascara (34,50 euros), the lipstick (40,50 euros): everything you need – nice packed in a jute bag or cardboard box.

The list of fans of celebrities ranges from actress Juliet Diet to model Eva Padberg to fashion designer Stelle McCartney. And of course …