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Despite psoriasis: skin with no frills and no hair

Smooth legs, impeccable armpits, well-groomed bikini space! Hair is nowadays undesirable in most places. Wonderful, shiny skin must be a special challenge for people with skin diseases such as psoriasis. The dermatologist explains which hair removal methods are suitable for sensitive skin.

Psoriasis: When the skin sings

For people with psoriasis, also called psoriasis, skin is often a problematic zone: Improper immune response makes it new in some places much faster than usual. Result: reddened inflammation of the skin, which may be itching and itching.

Dermatologist Professor Alexander Kreuter of Clinic Helios St. Elisabeth in Oberhausen knows: "Obese women and men suffer greatly from their condition. " Other people believe they have been infected. Therefore, many patients are withdrawn and do not dare to leave the home even at high temperatures without having to wear long clothing.

"Fortunately, today we can help almost all medications with psoriasis"– says Professor Kreuter. Apart from fat, cream and classical drugs, especially biological therapy with active ingredients such as secukinumab has proven to be particularly effective and weak in side effects. "Patients are happy when they can get out of the house and go to the pool without staring."

Various ways to remove hair

One problem remains: dull hair. For their removal, healthy skin offers a variety of options:

• wet or dry shaving
• Depilatory creams
• epilation
• Waxing
• Sugaring
• permanent hair removal by laser

With well-prepared skin and periods that are relatively free of symptoms, patients can generally use all the methods used by healthy people. "Then try", expert Alexander Kreuter advises, because the skin may react differently to certain methods.

Not every method is suitable for each patient

However, Professor Kreuter warns: "Many hair removal methods irritate the skin." Psoriasis problem: "Any skin irritation can trigger a new boost." In skincare, epilation and skin depilation, the skin is exposed to significant stimuli. Acute phases of this method are not recommended.

Who suffered from the so-called. Inverse psoriasis is involved in the genital area, under the armpits or in the groin, it is better to give up in these areas for hair removal.

Patients with acute psoriasis tend to be well tolerated by depilation methods. "A particularly gentle alternative to hair removal is sugar"says the dermatologist. "This is a special sugar paste that is very gentle on the skin."