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From a "thick kid" to a successful blogger: How to win the Plus size of the Instagram model …

The 32-year-old photographer and blogger from Portland, Oregon, told his life story in the online edition of the British Daily Mail newsletter: bulimia at eleven and overweight self-acceptance bulletins and a successful Instagram blog.

Suma Jane Dark always distinguished her from her peers. She was described as a "fat child" and from adults she was constantly hearing that her life would be fixed if she lost weight.

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A twenty-two-year-old, who now weighs 136 kilograms, was sent to a camp for obese children between the ages of seven and eleven. She also suffers from childhood bulimia.

"I was always attracted to adults who talked to me about what kind of bright future I have or how to look nice if I just lost weight." Do not I want to have a boyfriend? Do I really want to die at the age of 30? That was scary, "the Daily Mail says.

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It is believed that the change of her life brought her book "Awake, I'm fat!" American actress Camryn Manheim. Sumina's mother bought her to force her morally to take up a stubborn diet.

However, the ideas presented in Manheim's book had a different effect on Sumu. When she studied, she began to talk to people about her problems. She realized that many other people were like stories.

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We all encouraged us to stay sick: our doctors, our neighbors. United, that we had so much trouble getting help. We all realized that our body might not be a real problem.

Suma emphasizes that popular beauty damages everyone, regardless of the size of the dress. In her work, she is directed to the desire "to free us from the toxic, painful stories that we are forced to internalize".

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Publish photos to Instagram was a kind of blogger experiment. She was forced to leave her comfort zone and reprogram the intuition of her body.

"I was really totally free to see myself and my body and tell people about my life that have experiences similar to mine. That has completely changed my life.

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