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Fruits and Horticulture Club Schwend goes to Lake Constance

Fruits and Horticulture Club Schwend goes to Lake Constance 2

A traveling group of the Schwend fruit and horticultural club.

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The first station of the four-day trip was the Ulm town, which offers many attractions with the historic town hall, the highest church tower in the world cathedral and the curving paths of Fischer and Gerberviertel. The next station in Bad Schussenried met the participants with adventurous beer and the rarity of the beer museum. The stay was spent in the evening at Hegau at the Lamm Hotel in Singen.

The Lake Constance's attractions were dedicated to the second day. The group first explored the island of Reichenau with vegetables, and then met a tour of the city in Konstanz, Konzilgebäude, Imperia and Kaiserbrunnen know before the floral glow of the island of Mainau attracted lovers of garden to the spell. In the evenings, they enjoyed the evening with a tasting of wine in the winery Zolg in Gailingen.

Saturday began a city walk in Meersburg. Probably the one who had a sunscreen with him – on a boat ride from Meersburg to Friedrichshafen, had good results at 27 degrees. In the Zeppelin Museum, Upper Palatinate entered a faithful reconstruction of Hindenburg. After walking down the promenade along the lake we went to the pilgrimage church of Birnau. In the evening, the regional specialty, "Dünnele Essen", awaited the fertile farm Jürgen Gommeringer. At Baden Flammkuchen he tasted mushrooms and brandy. On returning home through Swabian Alb, still on the rock Breitenstein enjoyed the view from that place. In Kirchheim and Teck, the hikers looked for a shade between old wooden houses of half-timbered wood because it became warmer. The last boost was the Landgasthof am Forst in Wehlmäusel near Feuchtwangen.