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Hurricane Festival 2019: 68,000 fans celebrate Campino's birthday

Scheessel –

Scheeßel can also be sunny: Instead of the traditional anti-rain, storm and mud fights, this year's festival guests will experience an absolute summer hurricane with more than 100 bands. Sunscreen instead of rubber boots! First Kracher: The appearance of Toten Hosen, who shook Eichenring for the second time after 18 years.

At the earliest night of the year, Campino's singer singer celebrated her 57th birthday with a serenade colleague at midnight – and with 68,000 goodwill in front of the stage playing hits like "Here's Alex's" and "On Days Like Leave This". Campino on the Party Hymn: "This is just written for such moments, not for football, politics or weddings!"

"Hurricane 2019" echoes the eco-image

Believing the zeitgeist Friday-for-the-future, festival organizers are looking for a "greener" image, banning the eating and strawberries from Hurricane, setting up automatic deposit tank systems and, for the first time, distributing yellow plastic bag bags along with regular garbage bags . Even the heirs of the visitor are collected: The contents of the skillfully crafted dry toilets "Goldeimera" come into composting. In food distribution tents, festival campers can deliver the food they no longer need.

Some use super time to slide.

Some use super time to slide.

Especially a good "green space" where camper drivers are bound to leave garbage, and neighbors are not too loud.

Lie on "Hurricane 2019" by night to Friday

The police are satisfied on Saturday afternoon: "So far, things are going well," the police said. Even in the long queues in front of the mobile supermarket there is no stress.

Hurricane Festival 2019: 68,000 fans celebrate Campino's birthday 2

"Party Party": festival visitors sometimes raise a trumpet or a guitar

The incident happened on Friday night when the guest of the festival (21) fought and got hurt in the face. Since the increased use of drugs has been discovered over the last few years, the police now have more control over it. 36 drivers on their way to Scheeßel had to make a blood test for suspicion of the drug.