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If for books balances your hormones, your life balances: achieving optimal health and well-being
Tired? Efforts? Stressed Out? Out of balance? Welcome to the twenty-first century, where women's stress levels have reached high quality heights. Between myriad responsibilities, women burn through the energy of sufficient sleep and a healthy diet. The result? Hormonal destruction. In clear, accessible language, internationally acclaimed doctor Claudia Welch explains hormones from A to Z, especially how they relate to each other, how and why they become imbalances, and how women can restore balance. Welch includes simple diet tips, stress management techniques, and natural sleep secrets. Using the principles of Ayurveda (popularized in the West by Deepak Chopra) and the holistic sensitivity of Dr. Christiane Northrup, Balancing your hormones, your life balance gives women the most important tools for achieving the perfect balance between their yin (sex hormones) and yang (stress hormones), and between body and mind.