Ikea builds delivery service, and Spoon Guru helps with diets. Rocket Internet, Shopify, eBay, PSD2 ... 2

Ikea builds delivery service, and Spoon Guru helps with diets. Rocket Internet, Shopify, eBay, PSD2 …

Dear reader, Food inspired. His Swedish snacks are so good all over the world that Ikea is now entering the trade and planning a new store in Stockholm. Without Billy, Sawik or Ekbacken. But with salad of salad Köttbullar, Mandlatarta and herring, including delivery. Sounds like a good idea, like Spoon Guru: Who wants to lose weight, finds on the platform tips, diet recipes – and food. In the UK, although much more food is being ordered, the online diet and nutrition idea could ultimately promote e-food. Any bet that Rocket Internet has recently copied Guru Spoon. The incubator has a lot of cash in the cashier. Food always brings profit, even more diets. Good appetite.

Rocket Internet should leave the stock market

Samwer brothers want their incubator to run Take a rocket internet from the stock market, the magazine manager knows. Through the sale of various properties, Samssi are concerned about 3.6 billion euros – enough capital for the redemption of many stocks. Oliver Samwer, head of the company, holds 44 percent of Rocket Internet.

Shopify logistics service plans

Shopify no longer wants to be just a trading system, but also offers logistic and fulfillment services to its partners. Sign up for online merchant news. The company is currently building a network of different warehouses for this purpose. There Shopify relies on automation and machine learning to help deliver the goods faster, cheaper, and more efficiently.

eBay wants to know

EBay has been active for 20 years with its sales platform in Germany: for the anniversary there are all kinds of new stuff, filling services, for example merchants, soon more pictures and videos. That's what he wants Give eBay Amazon a try and re-win more customers, reports Handelsblatt. He also asked trade specialists about eBay's prospects.

More time for PSD2

European Commerce Association Euro Commerce is now being formed by European Fin-Techs Resistance to Payment Policies PSD2, which should come into force in September and bring more payment options to consumers. Banks should now make customer data available to third parties, ie merchants or service providers. However, financial institutions require secure authentication – unnecessarily high security, according to Fin-Tech and Handel's criticism, which could barely be established by the fall. More backgrounds are in Handelsblatt.


Guru for Diet

Spoon Guru is the name of a London start-up that wants to help consumers lose through the data. Here, users will find tips and tricks for nutrition – as well as coordinated food. For this idea, Spoon Guru has managed to conquer worldwide, reports Internetetailing: such as Albert Heijn (NL), Jet (USA), Ahold Delhaize (NL / Bel), Tesco (GB), Countdown (India) and Woolworth ) – It's also a great idea.

Slack is now on the list
Messenger and Slack chat service, which is mostly used by companies, is successful on the stock market Geekwire reports: $ 38.50 is the first price on Wall Street, up to $ 8.50 from the issue price. And yesterday it went even further: Investors pushed the stock price up to $ 55. However, the question is whether euphoria is persistent, recently new online shares have fallen shortly below the issue price

Hipanda organized street clothing

The Chinese brand of street clothing of Hipanda begins Expanded reality, for pants, t-shirts, and sneakers. In their leading store in Tokyo, they become a part of stories and artificial worlds. If you want to experience it, you need the Hipanda app. This looked at the position.

Westfield relies on the data

London Fashion Designer Westfield relies on the information: Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows search for social media such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Tictoc for trendy fashion trends. In July, they should be available for purchase in a pop-up store, reports Apparelressources. A fashion retailer is Nextatlas, a company dedicated to data analysis and AI.


Walmart automates driving

To reduce costs and increase efficiency, Walmart experiments with it samohodni kombiji, The dealer cooperates with the launch of Gatti, which specializes in autonomous driving. In Bentonville, Walmart's house, such a cargo vehicle already connects two branches that are two miles away. Long-term goal: Such a van should be connected to the Walmarts department stores in the medium term and then to supply customers. CNBC reports that, according to analysts, the volume of autonomous transport will soon reach more than $ 1 trillion a year.

Break the GAF

Against The market power of fast monopolies from Google, Amazon, and Facebook are making even greater resistance even in the United States. Wirtschaftswoche is dealing with scenarios that might result from the destruction of the most important Internet companies.

Number of days

It is expected that the services will be delivered, according to various surveys, around 2023 162 billion dollars be generated. It is without any reason that companies such as Uber, Amazon and Ike are now in position. The Swedish furniture retailer sees himself as the sixth largest commodity traderbecause everywhere they try her Swedish, herbal and salad salads. Fast Company has learned that Ikea is now planning its own store in Stockholm for its delicacies – that will be a success, will follow further affiliates, including delivery service.

The beginning of the day

The platform for that debt management he built Bilendo. This allows merchants to issue bills, reminders, credits, and more automatically – and take care of their real business. The way this is done is at the end of the journey.

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