It's the secret beauty of Kate Beckinsale (45)! 2

It's the secret beauty of Kate Beckinsale (45)!

How does Kate Beckinsale at age 45 seem to be so young and crunchy? The Hollywood star is currently in the best possible form: on the net, the actress "Underworld: Blood Wars" publishes videos from the gym and presents its body. What looks so simple in the snippets is, in fact, a tough job: Insider discovered what the American American looks like for a hammer!

cottage (45) is, as it is said, shake the body very sensible at a young age and did not expose her skin to the direct sunlight, chatted with the source Hollywood Life out. Also, drink enough water. But the constant movement belongs to Britain's daily life: "She is engaged in sports, regularly runs and trains with light weights in the gym […]In addition, she is blessed with incredible genes, and that is something none of us can control but just want., the insider continued.

According to another source, former American comedian Pete Davidson (25) should work cardio and pilates five to six times a week. "Kate is obsessed with a younger look and feel younger, which is why she is younger, making her feel like a teenager."so he's a connoisseur. She should be her daughter lily (20) even constantly ask for beauty tips.

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Kate Beckinsale in June 2018
Kate Beckinsale in March 2019Getty Images

Kate Beckinsale in March 2019
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Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale in March 2019

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