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Life is a beautiful charity foundation: Four sides of the transformation for Sheryl Brackley

Life is a beautiful charity foundation: Four sides of the transformation for Sheryl Brackley

1. STOMATOLOGY: From the point of view of oral health, the most pressing question about Life's Beautiful's first beneficiary, Sheryl Brackley, is a tooth that interferes with her jaw to such an extent that she can not fully open her mouth and when tried, accompanied by pain and disturbing crackling sound. Oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Tim Slimgi removed the tooth and made a bone chart in the jaw to prepare it for a dental implant replacement scheduled for the beginning of 2012.

From an aesthetic point of view, the upper teeth of Sheryl include poorly with bad bleaching; her lower teeth were curvy and wrong. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Leon Wren gave Sheryl porcelain veneers to his upper and lower teeth, making them straight and even.

"I feel better, just knowing I do not have such a crushed tooth and that my mouth is healthy, but I see my smile in the mirror or in pictures of myself is just amazing," Cheryl says. "I never dreamed to have such beautiful teeth. Surprisingly, I've never been so confident about them, but now, because I know how good they look, I smile more. It's like knowing that you look good in a pair of designer shoes. Besides shoes, I have a designer smile and it looks good all the time. Fun is what kind of thing you can do for your self-esteem.

2. COSMETIC SURGERY: The years of extraordinary mental stress and periods of deprivation, drug abuse and heavy life left traces on Cheryl's face and body. Pretty in her youth, her rough experiences were such that she was older than normal: "My face seemed to melt in my neck, and I was just a long forehead," she says.

Cosmetic and plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Nicole gave her neck liposuction, neck lift, chin implant, and injections using her own body fat to give a soft form of former swollen. The work involved a full coronary lift, the disappearance of old deadly lines, and an elongated abdomen to remove about five inches of loose skin around Sheryl's middle, as a result of her strenuous effort to shed 40 pounds.

"They started looking at me in the face and asked," How can we turn this around and make it look as if it looked? "I thought maybe I would pick up my eye or some botox, and I'd be excited. with what – what more girl can ask? But they did much more! Now I look in the mirror and look at my oldest daughter.

Belly belly was a huge relief because she felt a little disheartened by her gym and workout. Though it had reached its target weight, it seemed that the size of her trousers would remain the same because of all the excess skin that had traces of deep stretches of the four children.

"They took all this and created a brand new belly, and gave me a young face. I have to admit I was very scared – the night before the surgery I wrote a note about my daughters saying, "If I get out of it alive, it will be the most exciting thing, but if I do not, I just know I was fighting for myself end to change everything to the last detail, "she remembers, laughing.

3. FITNESS TRAINING AND ANIMAL TRAINING: On a relatively lightweight skeletal frame, Sheryl is overweight at 200 pounds when Life's transformation begins to be beautiful in the spring of 2011, although it is not was the worst ever was. At some point in her past she has reached £ 245 – far from the subtle figure in the mid-20s when she weighed about 100 pounds. According to the charts that Sheryl has found through a study, a suitable weight based on her height varies from 135 pounds to 160 pounds. She referred to the higher number as a goal for transformation.

After four months, she lost only five pounds, although she regularly trained and ate smart, healthy foods. She was very disappointed. Then the fitness trainer and transformation consultant Denzo Ray entered the picture, gave her more in-depth training on healthy eating and provided tireless encouragement. Even so, the peacocks fell so slowly that Cheryl came to be afraid of his phone calls when he had to tell his weight; the worst part of her day was watching the rock. Ray assured her that the scale is not everything, she loses inches and builds muscles and that her efforts will be paid sooner or later if she just sticks to them.

Then one day, in a hurry to take his daughters to school, Cheryl accidentally caught an old pair of jeans she had left aside for clothes.

"They were the type of jeans where you say," Even if you lose weight, you will never get into them anymore, so you can get rid of them. "But I grabbed them, thinking they were my other jeans. I put them on, zipped them, and thought, "God, these are nice jeans. Where did I get them? – recalls Cheryl. "Then I realized what they were, and I just turned around. I ran around the house and screamed.

A little later she reached her target weight of 160 pounds, but more importantly, she learned that she had the discipline and the attitude to achieve her goal.

"And I think that will describe my whole life," I said. If I had not been, I would have long given up on life, "she said.

4. THERAPY: As a frequent court area during a difficult childhood, which included abandonment, foster care and sexual abuse, Sheryl was well aware of counseling. She was dealing with therapists and psychologists because she was a little girl and she has always been, as she says, a dead end. They did everything possible and gave temporary relief, "but there never was" ah! ". moment, nothing long-term, "she remembers.

When he first visited Joey Pienter, the therapist with "Life is Beautiful," Sheryl was skeptical, resigned, and scared. Only a few months earlier she was on the brink of a nervous breakdown; now suddenly things looked at her daughters doing well at school, and Life was beautiful, offering to give it – for free! – so much needed dental and cosmetic decoration. She was beginning to feel hope, and it almost dreaded her.

"For people who have had so many negatives in their lives, positivity is a burden. Life has taught you that if you're hoping, you're just making yourself disappointed, "Cheryl says. "I went in to meet Joey, thinking," Well, good luck to heal me. "I felt it more offensive than myself.

Fortunately, therapist Joey Piedther understood Sheryl's dilemma.

She said, "Well, you may not believe, but I will believe for you," Cheryl remembers. "I had been through therapy and my life had not changed yet – I made some slow upward movements even though I still felt like flat lining But when she told me it was good not to hope or believe she would do for me – well, I left, thinking that something is changing, something different. "

Months of therapy flourished in something much more meaningful, and with the tender leadership of Panther Sheryl came to look at their past, present and future – and their own feelings – in a new way. Instead of liabilities, things like depression and fear became tools and teachers. She learned how to draw from her own insight and power to look at the things that had happened to her, not as defining it, but as things that existed in the past, and that she had the power over how to shape it, not on the contrary. around.

"Joey changed my life, though he says I'm the one who really did it," says Sheryl. "I just know that because of Joey, I have a whole new way of looking at things. Now I can be the one to tell other people who are as I was, "It's okay, you can not hope or believe in yourself for now, so I'll do it for you until you can do it yourself. "

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