New "superhuman": Consumer advocates warn of drinking avocado powdered powders 2

New "superhuman": Consumer advocates warn of drinking avocado powdered powders

Health Risks: Consumer advocates advise against consuming medicines for avocado seeds

For awhile, avocado seed powder is experiencing a hype as self-produced "superfood". The ingredients are said to have a positive effect on muscle, cholesterol, fat burning, and body defenses. But advocates of consumers advise spending such resources.

Hello fruit

Avocado is healthy. Fruit contains numerous vitamins and minerals, such as potassium, which makes an important contribution to a healthy heart. In addition, thanks to the unsaturated fatty acids that the body can not produce, avocado can help you lose weight. On the other hand, basic medicines for avocado can harm health. Consumer advocates therefore advise the consumption of such products.

Avocado with core
Although avocado is healthy, avocado-targeted drugs can be harmful to health. Consumers therefore do not advise on consumption. (Picture: nata_vkusidey /

Properties that promote health are not proven

Already for a while in life-style media circulating recommendations on the use of avocado core and its mixing as finely ground powder in muesli, smoothie or salad dressing.

In addition, there is already avocado seed powder as a dietary supplement.

Such medications need to have a number of health-promoting properties.

As reported on its website, the Bavarian Consumer Counseling Center, amino acids, carotenoids or bitter substances to avoid cardiovascular disease, boosted the immune system, increased fat burning, helped with muscle and joint pain, prevent thyroid disorders and epilepsy, of course, prevent cancer,

According to consumer advocates, research is still in the back.

"Several studies conducted in the test tubes or on the animal are not proof of the advertised properties to promote people's health," experts say.

"However, the health risks of their consumption can not be excluded at this time because there is too little study, especially in terms of core ingredients," explains Silke Noll, nutrition specialist at Bavaria's Consumer Counseling Center, in a statement.

Sales are not allowed in Europe

According to the Consumer Center, avocado products are currently covered by the New Food Regulation.

Accordingly, products that were not consumed to a significant extent before 15 May 1997 in the EU can not be sold before they are tested and approved.

From the point of view of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (BfR), available information on avocado cores and derived powders, particularly the core components, is not sufficient to assess the health risks that might arise from this product.

Therefore, it is not recommended to eat. According to the Consumer Center, the sale of dietary supplements containing avocado is not allowed in Europe.

Ingredients in Avocado Grain

As some consumer advocates explain, some studies on avocado core ingredients show a relatively high level of fiber and low fat, which is certainly interesting from a nutrition point of view.

In addition, phytosterols, carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin and phytochemicals are mentioned.

However, data in different studies are different and a final estimate can not be made.

The "Persin" bark found in avocado (and also in the core) plant is considered harmless to humans in small quantities but is poisoned for almost all pets.

But: "Is the basic amount of Persina contained in the core still not explored," Silke Noll said. (AD)


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