Not psycho, but active 2

Not psycho, but active

Column that eats the plants

Make a reasonable supplement to vegan food? Our columnist swears with Cannabidiol in oil form. It will not be high but it feels better.

The hemp list is surrounded by even more hemp leaves

CBD is extracted from seeds and stem plants of hemp Photo: Rick Proctor /

As a victim of optimization, I'm always looking for the next miracle plant and the best-for-good and the perfect vegan diet. So I relentlessly try almost everything new and, of course, sometimes get hurt.

For example, when I first made Lemonade with Blue Butterfly Powdered Peas (Antioxidants!) And then she had blue tongue and teeth for 24 hours. Or when I overwhelmed my hair and my husband with so many pussy that we ran for days like libidinal teens around the area (because: promoting testosterone).

The super-food I no longer want to miss is CBD – short of kanabidiol. It is a natural concentrate extracted from stem and hemp seed. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive, so do not go high. People in the wellness circles are believed to believe in its preventative and curative effects, either for the immune system, mood, digestion, or more energy – for help with chronic illnesses such as epilepsy (in Brazil, CBD is specifically approved)

Especially for physically active plant eaters like me CBD is great because it is packed with important nutrients that need to pay special attention when taking non-animal food. Thus hemp provides twenty amino acids, including nine which the body can not produce. Also, CBD full-spectrum oil contains essential fatty acids in the ideal ratio of 1: 3 omega-3 and omega-6. And this is a good non-vital iron source, as well as vitamin B riboflavin, thiamine and niacin.

Not psycho, but active 3

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CBD is usually available as an oil, it can also be taken in pre-dosed capsules. Or in the form of vegan rubber bears, where you can quickly eat the whole package (because: delicious). Fortunately, overdose with CBD is difficult, but according to Current Drug Safety you should consume over 20 grams in a very short time.

I personally take CBD oil a day, either clean or add it – depending on the synergistic effect I want to achieve – for energy in the morning, my coffee or for a good night's sleep in the morning my good drink. For chamomile tea (soothing your nerves) let it boil for 20 minutes and then put it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Add four cubes of pineapple juice and 200 ml of cherry juice (both juices contain a lot of melatonin) in the mixer.

Then mix the desired dose of CBD oil and enjoy it. Sweet Dreams!