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Pesticides: Parmelin Defends Course

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With the Crop Protection and Agricultural Policy Action Plan 22+, the Confederation can take measures against drinking water polluted by pesticides. Federal adviser Guy Parmelin defends the waiver of the counter-proposal for drinking water and the ban on pesticides.

The National Council dismissed both initiatives in the last week's session. He also decided to leave an indirect counter-initiative. The Council of States has not yet discussed two initiatives.

In the "Round Table on Saturday" program, addressed by the Swiss Radio SRF about concerns about clean groundwater and drinking water, Parmelin called for action plan on crop protection of the federal government and agricultural policy 22+. Both would envisage measures.

In addition to measures such as bees or biodiversity, the Crop Protection Action Plan also includes water protection measures. There is an impression that some have not read the action plan, Parmelin told critics.

This has advantages over law: The Federal Council can adjust directives and regulations, if necessary, even through direct payments, and respond immediately to new events. So the farmers had an interest in changing something.

Parmelin expressed regret that he was too little aware of the fact that farmers actually undertake environmental protection, for example, that landlords would no longer use insecticides or be used in corn breeding. "We did not sell well and explained."