"Powerful Mind": Clare Fuchs on the road to greater power and confidence 2

"Powerful Mind": Clare Fuchs on the road to greater power and confidence

A happier, more confident life with more fun in sports activities – all this can be achieved by your own mental strength. Fitness and Mentor Training Clare Fuchs finds out how it works!

Clara Fuchs was a successful athlete most of her life, but she was not always happy. In it The book "Powerful Mind" divides his path to more love for himself and strength not only, but also use their experience to help others. Today's blogger, fitness and mental trainer has developed a concept that includes mental exercises, targeted physical activity, and healthy (yet delicious) diet Energy, motivation and self-confidence water. Talking with Wunderweib talks about finding his way and how her book should strengthen her readers.

Dear Clara, how did you come up with the idea of ​​writing a book? What is the motivation behind it?

My motivation is to help people find a healthy lifestyle that will last. Health begins in my head, so it is the longest part of the book about love for oneself.

With "Powerful Mind" focus on mental training: what is it exactly and why is it so valuable?

Mental education trains your mind and thoughts. It can do a lot like raising your self image, improving your concentration, reducing your stress, and focusing your attention more closely to focus on here and now, not on possible (negative) consequences. It is mainly used in professional sports.

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Who can help your book? What can readers learn and achieve?

In my book, readers can learn how to believe and increase their confidence. This in turn helps to reduce stress and be more kind to yourself and so love to relate to others. There are also tips on motivation and scientific content on how to change their habits. Here you will not find fast food, but a step-by-step guide on how to find a healthy and happy lifestyle over a longer period of time. There are also exercise exercises, short and easy-to-understand insights into sports science ("Why training works?") And delicious recipes.

How do I know that I have to change my mind and behavior so that mental training can help me?

Mental training does not mean that you have mental health problems. Here we only work with "healthy" people. Think of it as a professional athlete: just get extra! A few examples: When you realize that you want to get more from yourself, when you can not handle stress so well when you can not stand the pressure so well when you are very doubtful when you ignore a little If you want to be bolder if you want to think more positively … Scope of application is very large.

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I'm not enough: you describe that you had that feeling before in the sense of many things. What happened to you?

I do not know exactly how this happened. I am an ambitious person and I have myself constantly compared to others and everyone was "better" than me.

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In the book you are referring to the stage you were turning into, you had to fight with more and more health problems and mentally gone bad – why did not you give up?

That's a good question, but unfortunately "just goes out" is easier than it sounds. For a long time, I did not know I was being overturned at all. It was new to me. I was unconscious and I was very inexperienced. Today, I am very careful and I take alert signals from the body quickly. Besides, it is today It is also easier to say "no" directly because my self-esteem is much stronger and better.

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Nobody knew what was going on in me at that time. I did not believe anyone, and I did everything. "- Looking back, can you explain why you felt you could not trust anyone?

It's mostly difficult to open. This may be because I'm more introverted and I often express myself in a different way, such as: B. Writing. My blog helped me. This allows me to think about myself and work in myself and with myself before I share it with others. Today, when I handle everything well, it's much easier to express myself right away. I also learned from my experience that it is not good to share things when things go bad, and more to share with my closest ones.

What would you be advising someone who has a bad spiral and has the feeling that he can not escape and trust someone?

As mentioned above: It is easier to say than to do, but yourself Trusting someone and opening can do wonders. That person may be a parent, friend, trainer or therapist. Or write a diary, the modern expression would be "logging into a diary". Even writing thoughts come out. But trusting someone would be even better. There is always someone to talk to.

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With the "Powerful Mind" you focus not only on mental training, but also on yoga and sport. How are mental and physical training related to you? Will someone work without the other?

Yes, it can be done without the other, especially because sport can have a positive impact on the mind It can also help reduce stress and increase self-confidence. But everything starts in the head. Why am I doing sports? I hate my body and want to lose weight or do it Love to body and joy? The interior often reflects the outside, and many often compensate for their problems and challenges with things that are not ideal (alcohol, smoking, overload …). Here you can start with mental training.

"You are what you eat" – do you agree with that?

Yes, I definitely agree. Everyone can experiment myself. How do you feel when you eat chocolate, finished products and fast food for 30 days? How do you feel when you eat more vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, fruits and more protein for 30 days? Our cells are renewed and we are built from what we bring to the body.

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What do the readers of your books really should bring with you?

Dear readers, take them, to be super! So much so if you decide to go your own way and take care of yourself, your body, and your own needs. Nothing happens overnight, but for example the book is a wonderful first step.

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