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Psychiatrist Haller: 99.7 percent of the abuser is not in the church

The church is obsessed with abuse. But this is not primarily because they want to hurt them, says Cardinal Christoph Schnborn at the symposium of the "Institute for Religion in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy". "Abuse of the Most Holy" was particularly troubled. Since "Fall Groer" in 1995, the Church in Austria has undergone a "long lasting and painful process of learning" for which today is the model of the world church.

Schnborn: There are priests who "refuse to take any school"

"Then our refuge was Cardinal Ratzinger," Schnborn recalled turbulence about the "case" of his predecessor, Hans Hermanna Groer. Prefect of the Congregation of the Faith prompted John Paul II's pap. To establish a tribunal for serious cases. Meanwhile, the change of consciousness "captured the whole church". For him, the most stressful experience was "that there are priests who deny any view of school," Schnborn said. Almost incredible are the "Tent Coil Strategies".

Schnborn: "Closed systems favor abuse"

Unlike Pope Benedict XVI's Surrender, Schnborn sees no causal link between the Movement & # 39; 68. And Sexual Abuse: 60 percent of cases reported in Austria occurred before 1969; By contrast, only 0.9 percent of all cases after 2000. Schnborn sees in the former church fixation on the sixth commandment, together with the "closure of the system," the real problem: "Closed systems are beneficial to abuse."

Reinhard Haller sees the projection of a hyper-sexualized society

The psychiatrist, court expert and best-selling author Reinhard Haller pointed out that 99.7 percent of all abusers did not act in the church. Haller also knew of the enormous insecurity among priests and believers to report, and about one-third of all ads are false. Perversions have always been related to personality. "98 percent of priests and monks have nothing to do with it," says Haller. However, a hyper-sexualized society projects its own violent behavior on the church. And she "did everything to catch the arrows".

Stephan Baier at the "Institute for Religion in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy" Conference. – Read the full text in the "Tagespost" number from 19 June 2019. You can get the latest edition of the newspaper here for free.

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