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Release is part of life

Release is part of life

Release – it's not that easy. Especially not if you have had so much experience of your whole life and now you just know how things stand …

Release is part of life 2

Release – it's not that easy. Especially not if you have gained so much experience during your life and now you know how things are going on in this world. Even if you've been a teacher for so long; according to their own children, to their neighbors or adulterers at work. And here it is: a new generation, grown up enough to fit on their two legs, strong enough to go their own way, enough determined to make their own mistakes and learn from them. "I have to lose weight, but he has to grow." These are the words of John the Baptist when it was said to Jesus of Nazareth – his former disciple – now baptizing more people than he does (Jn 3,30). There is the Baptizer, who throughout his life preached that the one who came to him would be stronger than himself. Suddenly, the one who emerges from the shadow of the Baptist runs out of rank. It is not easy to accommodate something.

John's words provided our place in our annual edition: "I have to lose weight, but he has to grow." June 24 is Johannestag. The length of the day reached its peak. Days are getting shorter again until they get more on Christmas. We can leave it with this: mark the event, let it pass, check it out … But maybe these words are more than a good trick of knowledge during the year or common wisdom. Friday's move for the future has shown strength and determination to develop those who come after us. In many young people I see her creative will, her energy and passion. And I also perceive how they are falling because they lean, with good will, disenchantment, helplessness, and the inability to leave the field to others.

These lines, of course, speak much more about us than about those to whom they are placed. "I have to grow, but I have to lose weight." – That's the attitude. It is a self-confidence in the quiet knowledge that everyone's time is nearing end – and others will shape their world, their future.

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