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Senator Lompscher: COURIER conveys her hairy secret

Berlin –

Senator Katrin Lompscher (left) at the beginning of the week caused two great surprises. On the one hand, she succeeded in making the Senate decide on the lease. All rents were frozen in Berlin for five years. A real cracker from a government that was otherwise slow. On the other hand, she appeared roughly at the same time with a new short hairstyle. The usual Bob has been excluded since before. Speculation has already begun: is there a new hairstyle with the new Mietendeckel? Or is there a change in private life?

All the nonsense, her spokeswoman Katrin Dietl KURIER said on Saturday: "The senator was just in a mood for a new hairstyle. It's summer and that's why hair is short.

The new cut is very well accepted in their administration, Katrin Dietl explained. The spokesperson also thinks she is very nice. There was also a praise for changing the hairstyle of a coalition partner. "Taff and I'm just as senator," said Katrin Schmidberger, spokeswoman for the Green Building Policy. He was a bit bitter anyway, "If women have a new hairstyle, that's the problem right away." For men it does not matter. "Well, when Mayor Müller (SPD) got new glasses, it was everywhere.

Sibylle Meister (FDP): "The outside is not important to Mrs. Lompscher. Content has to come from her.